The man of your dreams is the man who makes you feel your absolute best.

He’s the man who treats you as you want to be treated—he is a reflection of you in many ways. You become more of who you are when you’re with him, and he allows you to live out your true potential.
My Personality (section 1 of 2)
My man finds me irresistible in that…
• I let him pursue me and he still does
• I made him want to be a better man and he is
• I was comfortable with showing him how much I care
• I freely express my needs and standards for our relationship
• I am authentic, open, and direct with him
• I am very attractive (sexy, fascinating, mysterious, etc.)
• I’m so much fun to be with
What my guy loves about me is my…
• abundant energy and vitality
• energetic and fun-loving spirit
• outgoing personality
• curiosity and positive attitude towards life
• drive and ambition for success
• easy-going nature
• caring and nurturing qualities
• creative and artistic nature
• sensitivity and intuitive nature
He is thoughtful in supporting me in my alone time when I want to
(relax, read, write, explore the internet, watch movies, play an instrument, listen to music, talk on the phone, create art, tinker in my hobbies, work out at the gym, lounge by the pool, dig in the garden, etc.)
He appreciates that my spirit is (optimistic, upbeat, enthusiastic, playful, adventurous, mischievous, open, laid-back, peaceful, mellow, reserved, etc.) and
• my sense of humor is magnified around him
• he thinks I’m hilarious and a laugh a minute
• he’s attracted to my dry sense of humor
• he loves my laugh and thinks I’m funny
• we laugh at the same things
His Love for Me (section 2 of 2)

The love of my life is proud that I am very (conscious, confident, creative, open-minded, powerful, non-judgmental, kind, generous, spontaneous, comfortable in my own skin, respectful, unselfish, loyal, honorable, classy, etc.).

When he speaks about me to others he says that…

• I’m the best thing that ever happened to him
• he’s the luckiest guy in the world
• I’m original and fascinating
• I’m intelligent and intuitive
• I’m his best friend
• I have a great sense of humor
• I’m witty and a lot of fun
• I’m comfortable with who I am
• I’m down to earth
…which makes me feel (honored, adored, cherished, respected, admired, unconditionally loved, free to be who I am, that he has my highest good in mind, held on a pedestal, etc.).
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