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The engaging illustrated Story Creator is designed to take you through 10 aspects of how you envision your life and your relationship with your Dream Man:

  • 1. The Physical
  • 2. His Essence
  • 3. About Him
  • 4. Strictly Business
  • 5. About Me
  • 6. Our Intimacy
  • 7. The Way We Relate
  • 8. Our Lifestyle
  • 9. Our Spirituality
  • 10. The Essence of Our Relationship

Your finished story will reveal the kind of man and life you’ve only dared to dream about. Let’s get started creating your own romantic and heartfelt love story.

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  1. Sacredly Selfish Time: Set time aside. It generally takes at least 2 hours to complete, depending on how much thought you give to each aspect. Retreat to a quiet space that feels comfortable, relaxing, and nurturing. If you need to take a break or log out, click "Save Story" and you can return to wherever you left off.
  2. Allow Yourself to Indulge: As you begin your Dream Man story, remember that this experience is about YOU and the feelings you want to experience long-term with the man of your dreams.
  3. It’s About You: The Choose Him book features exercises to help you get in touch with your true values and desires before you write your story. These preliminary personal explorations are designed to get you into a mental space of clarity and inner truth, as well as to open your feeling center.

But if you feel ready to go, take a deep breath and start to feel the possibilities of creating the vision, the man, the partnership, and the life you’ve always dreamed of.


Your Dream Man is in the Details: You’re about to fill in your choices in the Story Creator template that will form the basis for your Dream Man story. The topics and sample statements are designed to trigger your own feelings and values related to the many aspects of your ideal man and relationship. They are not intended to limit you to the options listed. The template is meant to be edited to your own style and language so that it resonates with your deepest feelings.

Ignite the Attraction Factor: While the difference is in the details, be sure to focus on the things that are most important to you and don't elaborate more than necessary. If your story is too long, it can be overwhelming and hard to integrate the attraction factor. Ideally, you will edit and streamline your story afterward as you become clearer about what you want.

A Note from Deb: Because this process is intended to be a catalyst for your own unique story rather than a comprehensive list of all possibilities, any omission of circumstances, perspectives, or cultural considerations is completely unintentional. I honor and respect the full spectrum of diversity that makes each woman her own special, unique individual.


  • There is no right answer, just your answer.
  • The myriad of ideas and optional responses offered here are intended to inspire you to create your own responses. Customize them and make them as rich and juicy as you want. Feel free to add your own responses, combine options, or leave out the statement completely. He’s your man.
  • If you find there is some repetition in your responses, that’s a clue about what’s important to you.
  • Trust your heart, not your head.

Express Your Truth: If you’re still romantically attached or hung up on someone, it’s common to orchestrate your story around that man’s qualities rather than what you truly want. You won’t get the truest version of your story if you’re in a compromising frame of mind or are afraid to ask for what you really desire. Set yourself up for success by telling the truth about what you really want!

See Your Progress: As you work on each section, you’ll also be able to see your progress toward completing each of the 10 parts by looking at the blue bar at the top of each page.

Set the Law of Attraction in Motion: When you’re done inputting your responses, you’ll have created the story of your Dream Man and your dream life with him. This will represent exactly what you want and set the law of attraction in motion. And what could be better than that?

For more information on the Law of Attraction, tips on managing your personal power, and navigating the dating world, I recommend the Choose Him book.

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We start with the physical aspect not because it’s the most important aspect, but because it’s often how we begin a dream. Creating an image of what your Dream Man might look like allows you to envision other aspects of your life together, too. So let’s get clear about how your Dream Man inspires your senses. When you think of the physical aspects of your Dream Man, think of all of the details of his appearance, scent, style, and how he takes care of himself—what lights your fire? You’ll also be prompted to think about how he feels about you physically, as well as how he makes you feel when you’re together. Do you want to snuggle up to him or do you want to just admire his physique? Do you want to smell the scent of his neck, play with his hair, or feel his muscles? Your Dream Man’s physical body is the body you want to spend time with, adore, and love touching.

Complete the following statements to the degree that he comes alive in your mind, so you can really feel his physical presence next to yours. Remember, you have total creative license to craft your own ideas.

Be sure to fill in all the blue text boxes and complete each page before moving to the next page.

Text boxes allow up to 200 characters.

His Body and Voice (section 1 of 2)

My Dream Man is between and years old since...

  • I prefer a younger / an older man
  • I prefer a man closer to my age
  • an older man makes me feel younger (more secure, appreciated, etc.)
  • a younger man makes me feel younger

...and he is about feet inches tall, which matters to me because...

  • I fit nicely under his arm when we’re walking together
  • I love the way a big guy feels
  • I love the way a man feels who’s more my size
  • I can kiss him without standing on my toes
  • he’s taller than me in my high heels
  • we can spoon in bed and we fit perfectly
  • it makes me feel safe and protected
  • a bigger man makes me feel more feminine

I get butterflies when I look at his (handsome face, perfect teeth, smile, gorgeous eyes, full lips, big hands, muscular legs, strong arms, hairy chest, tush, etc.) and his physique (slim, muscular, stocky, medium build, teddy bear like, lean and athletic, chubby in the tummy, etc.).

I love his hair; (short, medium, long, thick, slightly balding, brown, black, sandy, red, blonde, salt & pepper, silver) it makes him look (sophisticated, contemporary, intelligent, natural, wild, artistic, youthful, striking, gorgeous, exotic, manly, etc.).

He has a (clean-shaven face, sexy mustache, beard, goatee, etc.) and I love how his face feels against mine when we kiss.

When I hear my man’s voice it sounds so (smooth, melodious, deep, smoky, soothing, sexy, strong, commanding, etc.) and when he whispers in my ear I (just melt, feel calm, feel loved, feel comfortable, feel excited, tingle all over, etc.).

I’m appreciative that he is (carefree, casual, conscientious, meticulous, etc.) about his hair, face, and nails.

When I lay my head on his chest, I’m intoxicated by his scent (outdoorsy, beachy, clean, natural, masculine, sexy, musky, etc.).

Appearance and Style (Section 2 of 2)

What I love about the way he dresses is his...

  • athletic and sporty look
  • traditional outdoorsman look (Pendleton shirts, vests, etc.)
  • casual, relaxed look
  • handsome look in jeans and a pressed shirt / T-shirt
  • classic look in khakis and a polo
  • sophisticated look in business suits or a tux
  • unconventional artsy style
  • willingness to wear bright colors
  • uniform

My Dream Man’s overall style is (steamy sexy, Ivy League, stylish, sophisticated, polished, casual, sporty, rugged, cowboy-like, artistic and carefree, athletic, urban edgy, metrosexual, classic, traditional, etc.), which is for me (a turn-on, inspiring, comfortable, etc.).

He likes it when I dress and he also likes to see me...

  • casually in jeans, khakis, shorts
  • in athletic clothes
  • short shorts
  • in casual business suits
  • in skirts or dresses
  • in vintage clothes
  • in my own artsy, kooky style
  • in cocktail and formal attire
  • in sexy lingerie
  • in nothing at all

What he admires about me is my style (sexy, urban chic, eclectic, trendsetting, fashionable, sophisticated, elegant, classy, delicate and ultra-feminine, natural, cowgirl-like, athletic, tomboyish, etc.).

Reach deep into your heart and ask for what you want, not what you may think is possible!

The inner aspects of your Dream Man—his values, beliefs, and life experiences—make up who he is and how he lives in the world. His essence is what drives him when he makes decisions, runs his affairs, and builds his relationships. His essence is what you respect when you get to know who he really is inside, what motivates him, and what he cares about most deeply. This is a core part of your Dream Man story. What kind of man do you want to live and play with, respect, admire, adore, and love?

Text boxes allow up to 200 characters.

His Values and Our Values (section 1 of 4)

I fell in love with my Dream Man because his highest values are (honesty, integrity, loyalty, responsibility, generosity, compassion, trust, collaboration, enthusiasm, kindness, playfulness, security, adventurousness, commitment, learning, openness, sharing, supportiveness, tolerance, forgiveness, etc.).

One of his deepest beliefs is that

  • we should live each day to the fullest
  • contributing to the community is important
  • he has a calling in life and a desire to fulfill it
  • curiosity and lifelong learning are an important part of life
  • family is the center of life
  • contributing to and being involved in our (church, temple, faith, etc.) is a major part of our life
  • we should care for each other and other people

... which means a lot to me because (your own answer) ...

It’s also great that we...

  • share common political perspectives
  • are both (liberal, conservative, independent, green) in our political views
  • are comfortable having diverse political views
  • don’t really care about politics

...because I like to (have amicable discussions about current affairs, be on the same page about issues, lightly debate our perspectives, debate our perspectives, talk about more meaningful topics, etc.).

How He Treats Himself, Me, and Others (section 2 of 4)

He’s so inspiring to me with his willingness to...

  • work on improving himself
  • ask for help when he needs it
  • be self-sufficient and take care of himself
  • be self-aware and take responsibility for his behavior
  • take care of business
  • tell the clear and simple truth
  • be receptive to kind advice

I truly value that he...

  • walks his talk in how he treats others
  • has great compassion towards others in the world
  • is responsible and keeps his word and commitments
  • always tries to do the right thing
  • is truly a nice guy to everyone

... and he always (supports my dreams, speaks positively about me to others, treats me with the greatest respect, etc.).

It also touches me that he is...

  • generous with his time
  • generous and kind of heart
  • generous to friends, his family, and me
  • generous to specific causes that are important and meaningful to him
  • philanthropic and a true humanitarian

His Manner and His Mind (section 3 of 4)

One of the things that excites me about him is...

  • that he is comfortable in a board room or a pool hall
  • his drive and ambition
  • his energy and passion for his work
  • his passion for (sports, cars, motorcycles, flying, skiing, art, etc.)
  • his curiosity for travel and adventures
  • his commitment to community life (politics, service, church, etc.)
  • his closeness to his family

...which (impresses, intrigues, inspires, amazes, impacts, etc.) me because (your own answer)...

When he’s out in the world, he is...

  • powerfully present
  • large and in charge
  • balanced and independent
  • open, present, and authentic
  • reserved and observant
  • confident and secure

...which makes me feel (your own answer)...

I love his (quick, witty, inquisitive, analytical, creative, well-read, intelligent, rational, insightful, etc.) mind because he...

  • keeps me on my toes
  • always has something interesting to talk about
  • is an avid reader and it’s a lifelong passion of mine
  • enjoys learning new things
  • enjoys teaching me new things
  • knows so much about so many things

His sense of humor...

  • makes me laugh out loud
  • makes me not take life so seriously
  • is always positive and makes me feel better
  • is so hilarious
  • is subtle and droll
  • engages others in a positive way

Every time I hear his (joyful, jubilant, exuberant, jovial, infectious, spirited, belly, heartfelt, hardy, animated, cheerful, etc.) laugh, it brings a smile to my face.

I’m proud that my man is incredibly (conscious, creative, open-minded, sensitive, powerful, non-judgmental, spontaneous, comfortable in his own skin, kind, private, respectful, unselfish, loyal, honorable, generous, etc.).

When I look across the room, I say, “That’s my man and...

  • I’m so grateful he came into my life
  • I admire how he wins people over
  • I appreciate how he likes and respects himself
  • I marvel at how he maneuvers in the world
  • I’m so proud to be with him

When I sit back and watch him, I truly appreciate his...

(happy go-lucky, playful, adventurous, artistic, down-to-earth, charismatic, warm-hearted, grounded, secure, sensitive, caring, genuine, confident, quiet, contemplative, etc.) way of being. He’s just (amazing, a wonderful man, a great guy, so sexy, such a real man, etc.).

His Energy(section 4 of 4)

What I love about him is his...

  • abundant energy and vitality
  • energetic and fun-loving spirit
  • insatiable curiosity and positive attitude towards life
  • easy-going nature
  • mellow, laid-back attitude
  • drive and ambition

......which is important to me because (your own answer)...

This is a good place to take a breather. It takes some time and thought to focus on what you really want.

Beyond his essence is his natural way of being in the world. What type of person is he? What’s he like when he goes out socially? What is his daily rhythm? What kind of food does he like? What’s he really good at? In this section, explore who he is and what you love about him. In the end, you will have a clear idea of what type of Dream Man you want to find.

Text boxes allow up to 200 characters.

With Me (section 1 of 3)

We spend a lot of our time...

  • enjoying each other and laughing a lot
  • meeting new people
  • people watching
  • dancing
  • playing sports (golf, tennis, volleyball, skiing, etc.)
  • doing things outdoors
  • watching TV and movies together
  • meditating or doing other spiritual practices
  • reading to each other, discussing ideas
  • making love

He happens to be a really great (dancer, artist, athlete, singer, sailor, skier, musician, poet, outdoors man, handyman, etc.), too, and he

  • takes me dancing often
  • invites me to join him in athletic activities
  • sings to me often
  • takes me sailing (camping, to sporting events, galleries, theater, etc.)
  • loves it when I go skiing (hiking, biking, boating, etc.) with him
  • plays his (piano, guitar, etc.) for me
  • reads poetry to me often
  • invites me along on his outdoor adventures
  • fixes things for me
  • takes care of repairing things around the house

He loves (sex, making love, golf, sports, reading, art, music, movies, plays, outdoor activities, etc.) as much as I do.

We even share the same feelings about animals and (he loves dogs, he loves cats, he loves all animals, we agree not to have animals, etc.), which matters to me because (your own answer)...

His Time (section 2 of 3)

We are compatible in our daily routine since he is (a night owl, a morning person, a mid-day person, adaptable etc.) like me, and he...

  • is happy to have a comfortable, consistent routine
  • is very flexible and willing to change his routine
  • enjoys variety in his daily life
  • wants a routine he can count on

It’s natural for him to be...

  • extremely active and always doing something
  • very active, but he also likes some mellow time
  • somewhat active, and he enjoys quiet time
  • a true homebody who appreciates relaxing

During his own time with others, he enjoys...

  • having genuine friends over to hang out
  • volunteering in the community
  • attending cultural events
  • going to sporting events
  • playing sports and games
  • hanging out in the local coffee shop (pub, library, bookstore, park, etc.)
  • meeting up with a buddy

He cherishes his solo time (relaxing, reading, watching TV, playing an instrument, listening to music, spending time outdoors, playing a solo sport, tinkering with his hobbies, working out, etc.) and when he’s not doing his own thing, I appreciate that he (checks to see what I want to do, enjoys doing something to make me happy, gives me the same space whenever I need it).

This template is meant to be a catalyst for your own thoughts and feelings. Feel free to create your own answers.

His Food Attitudes and Social Etiquette (section 3 of 3)

I’m pleased that he...

  • is a vegetarian / vegan
  • is a meat and potatoes man
  • prefers healthy and organic foods
  • is conscious about healthy food choices
  • prefers his cultural food
  • enjoys many ethnic dishes

...and he also

  • is open to trying new foods
  • likes to experiment with a variety of foods
  • is happy with basic foods
  • is a real foodie and loves to eat out

At home, my man likes to...

  • cook for me
  • have me cook for him
  • share in cooking together
  • take turns cooking
  • cook for others (entertain)
  • have someone cook for us
  • order takeout (delivery)

...since (your own answer)

When we go out to eat, he (orders for me, lets me order for myself, orders the wine for us, lets me order the wine, etc.).

I appreciate his table manners, as they are (impeccable, polite, traditional, proper, elegant, not fussy, common sense, etc.) and he...

  • uses his utensils in the proper way
  • follows formal table etiquette
  • has casual table manners
  • chews his food politely
  • takes his time to eat and savor food
  • relishes food with gusto

When he goes out socially, he and...

  • is a non-drinker
  • is conscious of his drinking limits
  • is fun and enjoys drinking
  • avoids recreational drugs
  • is conscious of his limits with recreational drugs
  • is a party guy who enjoys recreational drugs
  • is a non-smoker
  • occasionally smokes
  • enjoys smoking as much as I do

...which is important to me because (your own answer) ...

He is the kind of man who...

  • insists on paying for everything when we go out together
  • likes to pay for most everything when we go out, but he also is open to my treating him at times
  • likes the fact that I’m always considerate in paying my share
  • likes it that we take turns treating
  • is secure in himself and appreciates that I am well-off and can afford to pay for everything
  • appreciates a financially secure and generous woman

All of the lovey-dovey stuff is wonderful, but when some of the fairy dust dissipates, you’re left with the details of life: work, finances, and schedules. What is your ideal life with your Dream Man? Make it work for you.

Text boxes allow up to 200 characters.

What He Does (section 1 of 2)

My Dream Man is (an entrepreneur, a professional, a business man, an educator, in the creative arts, in the healing arts, in public life, retired, etc.), and he...

  • earns at least $ ____________________ per year
  • has his financial affairs handled
  • is financially stable and secure
  • is wealthy from previous ventures and now pursues other interests
  • is very wealthy and successful in his career
  • is happy with his work and I’m comfortable with whatever he earns

His pursuits allow him...

  • a predictable schedule (so that I know when to expect him home, so that we can plan vacations, etc.)
  • to work 9-to-5 weekdays (and be home for dinner most every night, and be home on the weekends to be with the family, etc.)
  • to not mind long hours (because my work is demanding too, etc.)
  • to travel (and I enjoy going along, and that gives me time to myself, etc.)
  • flexibility (so that we can freely do things together, because I have a hectic schedule, because I travel with my work etc.)

I admire that he...

  • is dedicated and passionate about his work (retirement, craft, talent, etc.) has achieved a level of respect / recognition / prestige in his field
  • is fulfilled in his career and wants to grow professionally
  • is fulfilled with his work, but flexible and open to change
  • is comfortable and secure in his work
  • is truly enjoying his retirement

His coworkers and colleagues respect that he is (a solid man, reliable, a great guy, responsible, a leader, a visionary, inspirational, creative, talented, gifted, dedicated to helping others, intelligent and successful, a global and dynamic thinker, dedicated to making a difference in the world, etc.).

Finances and Roles (section 2 of 2)

I truly appreciate that he...

  • thinks highly of my work and respects my dedication
  • understands the demands of my work
  • is proud of me and my accomplishments
  • values my expertise and respects my advice
  • treasures all that I do for our family life
  • fully supports me being a stay-at-home mom

I'm grateful that he...

  • helps me balance work and our time together
  • is in the same industry as me / is in a different industry than me
  • is flexible with who handles daily life tasks (cooks, shops, laundry, etc.)
  • loves that I take care of most everything around the house
  • prefers that I’m home so that we can spend more time together
  • takes responsibility for our financial needs so that I can fulfill my dreams

Our financial arrangement is harmonious since...

  • he’s prudent with handling money and invests well for our future
  • he earns enough money so that we can live a comfortable lifestyle
  • he’s wealthy and we live an extraordinary lifestyle
  • he is open to my being the primary breadwinner (he’s a stay-at-home father, artist, retired, etc.)
  • we don’t consider money an issue
  • we share in building our wealth and security
  • we both contribute financially to our lifestyle needs and future

He is...

  • very generous when it comes to spending money on others and me
  • generous with me, but sensible about how he spends money
  • thoughtful about how he spends money and always ensures I have what I need
  • mindful in how he spends money and is attentive to our financial security
  • respectful of my independence in spending the money I earn, and we share household expenses
  • happy when I spend money on him and his ego stays intact

Next, put your attention on you, because you deserve to have everything you want.

The man of your dreams is the man who makes you feel your absolute best. He’s the man who treats you as you want to be treated—he is a reflection of you in many ways. You become more of who you are when you’re with him, and he allows you to live out your true potential.

Text boxes allow up to 200 characters.

My Personality (section 1 of 2)

My man finds me irresistible in that...

  • I let him pursue me and he still does
  • I made him want to be a better man and he is
  • I was comfortable with showing him how much I care
  • I freely express my needs and standards for our relationship
  • I am authentic, open, and direct with him
  • I am very attractive (sexy, fascinating, mysterious, etc.)
  • I’m so much fun to be with

What my guy loves about me is my...

  • abundant energy and vitality
  • energetic and fun-loving spirit
  • outgoing personality
  • curiosity and positive attitude towards life
  • drive and ambition for success
  • easy-going nature
  • caring and nurturing qualities
  • creative and artistic nature
  • sensitivity and intuitive nature

He is thoughtful in supporting me in my alone time when I want to

(relax, read, write, explore the internet, watch movies, play an instrument, listen to music, talk on the phone, create art, tinker in my hobbies, work out at the gym, lounge by the pool, dig in the garden, etc.)

He appreciates that my spirit is (optimistic, upbeat, enthusiastic, playful, adventurous, mischievous, open, laid-back, peaceful, mellow, reserved, etc.) and

  • my sense of humor is magnified around him
  • he thinks I’m hilarious and a laugh a minute
  • he’s attracted to my dry sense of humor
  • he loves my laugh and thinks I’m funny
  • we laugh at the same things

His Love for Me (section 2 of 2)

He’s proud that I am very (conscious, confident, creative, open-minded, powerful, non-judgmental, kind, generous, spontaneous, comfortable in my own skin, respectful, unselfish, loyal, honorable, classy, etc.).

When he speaks about me to others he says that...

  • I’m the best thing that ever happened to him
  • he’s the luckiest guy in the world
  • I’m original and fascinating
  • I’m intelligent and intuitive
  • I’m his best friend
  • I have a great sense of humor
  • I’m witty and a lot of fun
  • I’m comfortable with who I am
  • I’m down to earth

...which makes me feel (honored, adored, cherished, respected, admired, unconditionally loved, free to be who I am, that he has my highest good in mind, held on a pedestal, etc.).

When the two of you are alone, what is it that you want to experience most with him? Intimacy includes everything from talking and touching to sex. It’s the experience you have with him and with yourself that brings you closer together, allows you to be vulnerable, and cements your relationship connection. When you’re out in public, how do you want him to treat you?

Text boxes allow up to 200 characters.

My Needs (section 1 of 2)

My guy encourages me to pursue my dreams by (sharing his ideas, giving me thoughtful feedback, helping me with planning, cheering me on, participating in them, always being positive, etc.).

It’s natural for him to...

  • compliment me a lot
  • want to build my confidence
  • pamper me and be aware of my needs by bringing me coffee in the morning (making me breakfast in bed, always checking in with me to see what I need, etc.)
  • find creative ways to make me feel special

He shows his romantic side by...

  • bringing me flowers for no special occasion
  • calling me just to say “hi” and see how my day is going
  • always remembering my birthday, Valentine’s Day, and our anniversary
  • opening doors for me and being a true gentleman
  • always telling me how much he loves me and how happy he is to be with me
  • always giving me affectionate pecks, pats, and squeezes
  • telling me often that he thinks I’m beautiful and wonderful
  • scattering love notes around the house
  • planning special things for us to do together (trips, theater, dinner, etc.)
  • getting teary-eyed watching a love story
  • sharing his deepest feelings about my importance in his life

He’s the kind of man who would...

  • surprise me with a weekend getaway
  • surprise me with a trip to Paris (Morocco, Thailand, etc.)
  • surprise me with beautiful jewelry or perfume
  • take me shopping and patiently watch me try on clothes
  • surprise me with a new tennis racquet, bike, etc.
  • surprise me with a gourmet meal he prepared himself
  • surprise me with flowers
  • go to chick flicks with me to make me happy
  • get out of bed to buy me ice cream or champagne
  • arrange a gathering or surprise party with my friends
  • hang out with my girlfriends and me and have a blast

...and that makes me (your own answer)

When I walk through the door, he makes me feel (missed, adored, beautiful, sexy, smart, cherished, important in his life, etc.).

In our quiet time together, I know he feels (fulfilled, proud, appreciated, valued, manly, loved, admired, like my hero, grateful, confident, supported, etc.) and he always says...

  • I add so much to his life
  • I’m never boring and I’m one of a kind
  • he loves the warm and comfortable home I create
  • I’m an amazing woman
  • I give him peace of mind
  • that he loves and respects me as I am
  • I’m the one he wants to be with forever
  • he can talk to me about anything
  • we’re just so comfortable together
  • we’re true soul mates / spiritual partners

I know for sure that he makes me feel (desirable, special, protected, safe and cared for, I can really trust him, beautiful, unconditionally loved, cherished, as if anything is possible, etc.).

Physically Speaking (section 2 of 2)

It gives him blissful pleasure to...

  • snuggle, kiss, and hug
  • just hold me
  • give me a massage
  • show his affection in many ways
  • hold my hand while we’re watching TV

...and out in public he...

  • likes to hold hands and walk arm-in-arm
  • likes to touch and is very affectionate
  • prefers to save his affection for private moments
  • shows affection with loving looks and smiles

He delights in my body and sees me as (a goddess, a seductress, a beloved lover, sensual and feminine, sexy and voluptuous, etc.) ...and he is (a super hot kisser, gentle, sensitive, attuned to my needs, romantic and tender, a fantastic lover, sensual and sizzling, etc.).

Physically, what turns him on about me are my , and (eyes, lips, smile, legs, fit body, curvaceous body, voluptuous body, petite body, statuesque body, etc.) and most important he loves and accepts me as I am.

What really worked for me when we first met is that:

  • we agreed to just have fun and get to know each other before getting serious
  • we both wanted to become friends before having sex (making love)
  • we both felt free to express ourselves sexually without constraint or rules
  • he accepted my decision to hold off on sex until we had a committed relationship
  • we agreed to reserve our intimate passion for marriage

When it comes to making love, we (love to linger in bed, have amazing chemistry, are adventurous and experimental, make it a high/low priority, are passionate and romantic, spontaneous, have lots of foreplay, prefer to just cuddle, can take it or leave it. etc.) and we are completely compatible.

Imagine the type of communication and care you’d like to have with your Dream Man. Does he like to talk with you into the wee hours of the night? Does he like to listen to your dreams? Does he disagree with you with kind words? Does he take care of you when you’re down?

Text boxes allow up to 200 characters.

Talking (section 1 of 4)

My Dream Man is (caring, thoughtful, considerate, supportive, emotionally available, open-hearted, willing to connect, a great communicator, engaging, etc.).

When we talk together, his natural way of communicating is...

  • honest and candid
  • agreeable and easy-going
  • gentle with criticism
  • open to constructive criticism
  • open to learning and challenging each other
  • debating his point but is willing to change his mind
  • willing to sit down and talk things through
  • a man of few words who listens more than he speaks

In his style of engaging with me, he...

  • is interested in me and is a good conversationalist
  • is curious to know more about my world
  • intellectually and emotionally piques my interest
  • is present—when he’s there, he’s really there for me and about me
  • is more reserved and the strong quiet type
  • likes to talk more than most men
  • communicates with me on every level
  • makes himself available when I really need to talk
  • is willing to share his deepest feelings, even his fears

We like to talk about (business ideas, setting life goals, spiritual growth, current events, politics, travel, vacation plans, our kids’ lives and family activities, entertaining, movies, home improvement, the meaning of life, our relationship and how we can grow, etc.) and that makes me feel (like we’re truly connected, like we’re true partners, that we’re on the same wavelength, that we’re on the same path, that he respects my opinion, etc.).

Listening (section 2 of 4)

As a listener, he...

  • knows when to talk and when to listen
  • is a great sounding board without trying to fix the problem
  • hears what I’m saying and gives good feedback
  • engages me further
  • enjoys hearing about my daily activities, thoughts, and opinions
  • is so tuned in to me and he picks up on the smallest details
  • listens to me without making me feel foolish about my thoughts and ideas

Differing (section 3 of 4)

When we have a disagreement, we...

  • argue passionately and make up just as passionately
  • have healthy arguments, but get over them quickly
  • are able to argue respectfully
  • never argue, but we have respectful discussions
  • listen to each other’s points of view before responding
  • resolve it before going to bed
  • avoid calling each other hurtful names
  • both want to actively, rationally resolve our conflicts

At times when I’m angry with him, he...

  • knows when to leave me alone so I can work it through privately
  • hugs me and apologizes
  • says something funny to make me laugh
  • respectfully asks that I sit down and talk to him
  • listens and reacts rationally

And when I’m down in the dumps...

  • he is kind and gentle
  • he gives me space to allow me to work through my own feelings
  • shows he cares and checks in on me without hovering
  • he hugs and cuddles me and let’s me know everything will be okay
  • he makes me laugh and cheers me up

...and I really love him for this.

Being (section 4 of 4)

He is...

  • secure and confident and is totally trusting of me
  • just jealous enough to make me feel special
  • secure and confident, but is protective of me
  • a little possessive and protective of me

He’s a good match for me because...

  • I have a confident nature and I completely trust him
  • I’m a little jealous, because he is so special
  • he makes me feel loved and safe
  • I know he’ll always stand up for me

If I...

  • want to go out with my friends
  • want to go shopping
  • want to spend time alone
  • want to take a vacation by myself
  • want to spend time working


  • sends me off and encourages me to have a great time
  • lets me be without questioning or hovering
  • helps me plan my trip and sends me off with a kiss
  • lets me be with love and support
  • has things he likes to do without me
  • misses me but understands my need for personal time and space

Now he's beginning to feel real and like a part of your life.

Everything and everyone around you makes your relationship complete. Your lifestyle includes your home, family, children, friends, and what you do for fun and leisure. What kind of full and complete life do you want to live with your mate? Do you want kids? Do you want to travel? Do you want a home where you can entertain family and friends? Your lifestyle is the life you create with the outside world, too. What’s yours?

Text boxes allow up to 200 characters.

In the World at Large (section 1 of 5)

When it comes to material things, what’s important to me is that he prefers...

  • living a simple life and is comfortable with the basics
  • the comforts of a traditional lifestyle
  • a well-to-do life with recreational toys, the latest technology, cars, sports equipment, etc.
  • the finer things in life and enjoys fine wine, art, and a cultural life, etc.
  • the very best of everything: a vacation home or two, exotic first class travel, etc.

Home (section 2 of 5)

When I met my Dream Man, he...

  • was grateful that I would move across the country to be with him
  • was willing to follow me wherever I go (since I travel a lot, get transferred often, etc.)
  • lived near me, which meant we could (keep our friends/activities, be near family, keep our jobs, etc.)
  • liked that we live apart in our own homes (so that we have our own time and space, have diversity in our lives, etc.)

Our living situation suits us perfectly, since we...

  • share his beautiful home
  • share my beautiful home
  • share our new home
  • have more than one home

...and we live (in the city, in the country, in the suburbs, at the beach, on a ranch, in the mountains, on a boat, in an RV, etc.).

Our primary home is our place...

  • to create sanctuary
  • to relax and retreat
  • to entertain with friends and family
  • to enjoy social events and cultural activities
  • to have fun with our hobbies
  • to raise our children
  • to play and chill out
  • to work, since I work from home
  • to each have our individual way of life and space to ourselves

Our interior design and living styles are...

  • completely compatible
  • complementary and easy to blend
  • left up to me to manage
  • left up to him to manage
  • left up to each other to manage for our own homes
  • merged and coordinated with an interior designer
  • easy-going and not that important

We are well matched in our home care talents, since...

  • he likes to cook and I like to do the dishes
  • I like to cook and he likes to do the dishes
  • we like to cook and do the dishes together
  • I take care of the inside of the house and he takes care of the outside
  • we share in household chores
  • he is very considerate in sharing space
  • he is very handy and can fix anything and I’m happy to let him
  • we both enjoy home improvement projects
  • we both love to garden and care for our property
  • we agree to hire house care help
  • we both take care of our own places

Friends and Family (section 3 of 5)


  • each have a lot of friends
  • embrace each other’s friends and accept them for who they are
  • prefer to keep our friends separate
  • have many friends from varied backgrounds and lifestyles
  • include each other’s friends in our activities
  • are both more private and prefer just a few close friends

...which contributes to our sense of... (enriching our life, connection, independence, autonomy, freedom, being social, diversity, worldliness, variety, etc.).


  • has children
  • has children in his care and wants more
  • has no kids but wants to someday
  • has no children and no plans to have any
  • has children who are grown and not dependent on us


  • loves kids and wants them as part of his life
  • accepts my kids and lovingly joins my family
  • respects my desire not to have children
  • prefers that children are not part of our lives
  • accepts that children will not be a part of our relationship

We believe...

  • family is important and accept each other’s for who they are
  • family is everything and we will do whatever it takes to be close to them and care for them
  • in living our own lives and spending limited time with family
  • in respecting each other’s boundaries with family
  • in living a far distance from our families

Out and About (section 4 of 5)

The man of my dreams and I enjoy...

  • window shopping
  • going to sporting events
  • being outdoors and hiking (skiing, running, roaming in parks, etc.)
  • sharing in a hobby (horses, gardening, painting, etc.)
  • going out to dinner and a movie
  • visiting and socializing with friends (family, co-workers, clients)
  • listening to music
  • going dancing
  • going gambling (horse races, casinos)
  • going wine tasting
  • taking road trips
  • visiting art galleries, museums, and cultural events

When we travel, we enjoy...

  • exploring a variety of cultures and countries
  • roaming the U.S. in an RV
  • lounging on the beach in tropical climates
  • going on adventure trips
  • yachting in exotic places
  • camping under the stars
  • five-star trips (Orient Express, Abercrombie & Fitch safaris, etc.)
  • escaping to romantic hideaways

My favorite activities while traveling with my man are...

  • sightseeing
  • trying new cuisines
  • learning about the history and culture
  • trying a new activity or challenge (skydiving, motorcycling, deep sea diving, etc.)
  • touring museums
  • shopping (for artifacts, clothes, art, etc.)
  • being pampered in spas
  • meeting new people
  • hanging out with the locals

Traveling with my Dream Man is delightful because he...

  • likes the same things I do
  • is comfortable doing separate things at times
  • takes care of me and leads the way
  • lets me lead the way
  • is curious and open to try new things
  • loves our special time together

Our Future Lifestyle (section 5 of 5)

In looking ahead to our later years, the kind of retirement we envision is...

  • continuing to remain active in our work
  • being able to stop working while we’re young
  • kicking back at home with hobbies
  • remaining active in community affairs
  • traveling the country in an RV
  • becoming snowbirds and chasing the sun
  • making our lives about the grandkids

Inside of your heart is a spiritual desire. What kind of man matches that desire? What sort of actions in the world demonstrate who he is deep in his heart? No matter what your spiritual preferences are, do you want a man who journeys on the same path with you, or one who brings a different perspective? The choice is yours.

Text boxes allow up to 200 characters.

My Dream Man...

  • is spiritual and trusts in a higher power
  • believes in God (a higher power, Allah, etc.), but does not attend organized services
  • has strong religious faith and attends organized services (church, temple, prayer, etc.) regularly
  • has his own spiritual practices (meditation, yoga, ritual, etc.)
  • has no spiritual or religious beliefs and we share agnostic/atheist perspectives

This pleases me because I (share the same beliefs, look forward to sharing our faith, believe this is important to the core of our relationship, want us to grow spiritually together, am not connected to any spiritual beliefs, etc.).

He believes...

  • that strong faith in a higher power (God, Allah, Shangdi, Adi-buddha, etc.) is the key to healing humanity
  • our (religious, sacred, holy, spiritual, etc) faith and devotion can get us through anything
  • in the unity of humanity and embraces diversity
  • that we should share resources and build community
  • in being compassionate and charitable towards others
  • that people are responsible for themselves and create their own destinies
  • in our free will, existence, and karma

Our spiritual lifestyle encompasses...

  • creating and evolving our world together
  • attending spiritual events and studying spirituality
  • sharing our spiritual practices (yoga, meditation, ritual, etc.)
  • praying together often (regularly, daily)
  • participating in (church, temple, community) activities
  • sharing the differences in our beliefs
  • spending time in nature
  • travel to foreign sacred sites
  • just being good people while on this earth

So far, you’ve created a vision for quite an amazing Dream Man, but you’re not done yet. This might be a good time to make another cup of tea or get up and stretch. You want to feel totally content during this part. The last aspect of your Dream Man is the essence, true feelings, and experiences you have with this perfect partner. What is your relationship like? What is your relationship like as it grows? What is the ultimate fulfillment of your union with this man? Dream big, as you are about to see him come into your life.

Text boxes allow up to 200 characters.

Our relationship is enlivening because we...

  • challenge and encourage each other to live our fullest potential
  • complement each other in our uniqueness, creativity, and energy
  • are soul-connected partners on a common path
  • are so much alike and interested in similar things
  • have clear roles and appreciate how we both contribute
  • are truly best friends
  • allow each other independence and freedom to also live our individual lives

The most important words to describe the essence of our day-to-day life are , , and (laughter, harmony, contentment, passion, excitement, support, respect, connection, affection, stimulating, spiritual, sharing, satisfaction, peace, joy, love, attentiveness, etc.).

Our relationship is (committed, monogamous, faithful, open to alternative partners, etc.) and the ultimate fulfillment of our love affair is that we are...

  • married and are raising a family
  • married and have children in our lives
  • married and enjoying our independence/empty nest
  • committed to each other in an equal partnership
  • committed to each other in an adoring partnership
  • committed to each other and living separately

And we are living...

  • authentically ever after . . . the beginning
  • joyfully and harmoniously, and will forever
  • a mutually fulfilling life together
  • a passionate and adventurous life
  • create your own

CONGRATULATIONS! The thrilling part is still to come after you’ve written out your full story and read it, which begins to change your magnetic resonance and ignites the Law of Attraction.

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With your story in hand, you can fine-tune it to further reflect the things that matter most to you. Deb advises that you read your story daily for a couple of weeks to fully embrace and embody the feelings you want to have in your relationship. That’s the real secret to attracting what you want! Your feelings are the attraction factor.

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