Welcome to my website, a unique resource to help you use your personal power to attract the man of your dreams AND create the love and life of your dreams. What’s different here is the focus on changing perceptions and behavior from old ways that don’t work to new approaches that get results!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • There are no good men left!
  • They seem to want younger women.
  • It’s just too much trouble to find the right one.
  • Every time I get into a relationship, I find out he’s not the one.

That’s an old story that’s not true! Women are the quintessential creators, and are far more powerful than we can possibly imagine. It’s up to us to raise our standards, ask for what we want, and expect to have it. Men are waiting for us to show them the way. I’ll show you how I did it, and I know you can do it too.

For my book, Choose Him, I surveyed dozens of women and interviewed more than 100 looking for their perfect partner. When it comes to finding your ideal man, I’ve learned that the real secret is to feel your way to him, draw him to you with clear signals of what you want from your core. You attract him with your true heart’s desires. My interactive Story Creatorwill help you get clear about your core needs and desires. There’s nothing like my one-of-a-kind Story Creator on the market.

I compiled a wealth of data and used it to develop the Online Story Creator template to help women create their own stories. The romantic story concept came from my own personal story I wrote to attract my own Dream Man. I realized an additional key to success was not only to visualize the man, but to FEEL the emotions of having him and the life of my dreams.

In all my work, I stress the importance of clarity, which sets into motion a magnetic energy that attracts complementary energy to you. Choose Him and the Online Story Creator show you how to create a clear vision of what you want in the form of your own personalized love story. You’ll be more authentic and in charge of your energy, you’ll no longer waste time on the wrong men, and you’ll feel more empowered in the dating world. THERE IS NOTHING CANNED about the Story Creator. It is a uniquely personalized process for each woman. It’s fun, even exhilarating, and rewarding because you’ll feel strength in this deeper knowledge of yourself and the partner and life you want.

The tools I provide compel you to get to the core of your true desires, ask for what you want, and claim it. There is a Dream Man for every woman! He’s looking for you too and waiting for you to show him the way into your heart.

I hope you’ll join me in doing love and life differently. Every woman deserves the man of her dreams, and I’ll show you how!

~Deb Garraway