What they’re saying about Choose Him

“Deb Garraway is on a mission to help women understand the ways in which they’ve been holding themselves back, or letting society dictate the way they should be in relationship. Choose Him blows old myths out of the water and helps you embrace your best self so that you can attract the ideal partner for you into your life.” Peggy McColl, author of New York Times bestseller Your Destiny Switch and internationally recognized expert in the area of destiny achievement

Choose Him deftly helps women examine our belief systems around dating and relationships. But what’s really exciting, it’s also an interactive tool that can and will impact who we attract to us. This book is for all women who are ready to be out with the old and in with a new way of being powerful and authentic in the world.” Barbara Stanny, author of Prince Charming Isn’t Coming; Secrets of Six Figure Women; Overcoming Underearning; Breaking Through; and Finding a Financial Advisor You Can Trust

Choose Him is a wonderful book, written with style and vitality and filled with useful, practical suggestions. Deb Garraway speaks forcefully about outdated relationship models and places where women (and men) get stuck in their search for lasting relationships. She opens up new, more effective ways for women to see more clearly who they are and what they are really looking for. And she provides powerful exercises that help in finding and choosing a realistically ‘ideal’ mate.” Bret Lyon, PhD, author of Bret Lyon’s Personal Power Program

“When I finally realized that I alone am in charge of my choices and decisions, I decided to define exactly what I wanted in a future partnership or be happy staying single. I changed my attitude to one of observation instead of desperation, and in less than a year, I met my Dream Man who is more than I could have imagined. We’re now happily married!” Selena Carrera, California

“No one told me that if I didn’t find a man in my thirties it would be a bit more challenging in my forties. When I completed my Dream Man story, I began to know that I could actually have what I wanted! The next thing I knew, men very close to my story began appearing. The first guy I dated was so close to my story I began to think, this can’t be happening! This might be the one! He aggressively pursued me and he was pretty irresistible. Now, I could have gone down an old path and fallen head over heals in infatuation and bent over backwards to try to fit this guy’s ideal; instead, I decided to stay in my own power, observe him, and make my own choices that really felt true to me. I knew I could have everything I wanted and that it would all be there when I was truly ready to choose.” Faye Forde, Oregon

“I was so tired of feeling badly about myself from two failed marriages and thinking I was defective, and I was tired of waiting for a man to start my life. I made a pact with myself to get happy and start to be grateful and truly receive and value what I already had. When I changed my bio on the online dating service to be less about me and more about what I wanted in a man, that’s when it all happened. He didn’t look like anyone I had imagined in the past, but he matches 99 percent of everything I want in my Dream Man. He’s sensitive, romantic, thoughtful, hardworking, and has a big life. There’s nothing nagging at me thinking there could be someone better for me.” Arielle Burrows, Washington

“Having recently done the Choose Him Process, I’ve noticed that I am meeting more men. In fact, I have met more interesting men in the past two months than I have in the past two years. The other thing I’m noticing is that more men take the time to notice me. I get more looks. I’m physically experiencing this new compelling feeling and finding myself strolling through my life in a way that’s entirely different from the way I used to rush around. I’m having more fun than ever and finding that patience is no longer a virtue, but a pleasure.” Cassie Mason, Idaho

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