The Ten Aspects of the Story Creator


We start with the physical aspect not because it’s the most important aspect, but because it’s often how we begin a dream. Creating an image of what your Dream Man might look like allows you to envision other aspects of your life together, too. So let’s get clear about how your Dream Man inspires your senses. When you think of the physical aspects of your Dream Man, think of all of the details of his appearance, scent, style, and how he takes care of himself—what lights your fire? You’ll also be prompted to think about how he feels about you physically, as well as how he makes you feel when you’re together. Do you want to snuggle up to him or do you want to just admire his physique? Do you want to smell the scent of his neck, play with his hair, or feel his muscles? Your Dream Man’s physical body is the body you want to spend time with, adore, and love touching.

His Essence

The inner aspects of your Dream Man—his values, beliefs, and life experiences—make up who he is and how he lives in the world. His essence is what drives him when he makes decisions, runs his affairs, and builds his relationships. His essence is what you respect when you get to know who he really is inside, what motivates him, and what he cares about most deeply. This is a core part of your Dream Man story. What kind of man do you want to live and play with, respect, admire, adore, and love?

About Him

Beyond his essence is his natural way of being in the world. What type of person is he? What’s he like when he goes out socially? What is his daily rhythm? What kind of food does he like? What’s he really good at? In this section, explore who he is and what you love about him. In the end, you will have a clear idea of what type of Dream Man you want to find.

Strictly Business

All of the lovey-dovey stuff is wonderful, but when some of the fairy dust dissipates, you’re left with the details of life: work, finances, and schedules. What is your ideal life with your Dream Man? Make it work for you.

About Me

The man of your dreams is the man who makes you feel your absolute best. He’s the man who treats you as you want to be treated—he is a reflection of you in many ways. You become more of who you are when you’re with him, and he allows you to live out your true potential.

Our Intimacy

When the two of you are alone, what is it that you want to experience most with him? Intimacy includes everything from talking and touching to sex. It’s the experience you have with him and with yourself that brings you closer together, allows you to be vulnerable, and cements your relationship connection. When you’re out in public, how do you want him to treat you?

The Way We Relate

Imagine the type of communication and care you’d like to have with your Dream Man. Does he like to talk with you into the wee hours of the night? Does he like to listen to your dreams? Does he disagree with you with kind words? Does he take care of you when you’re down?

Our Lifestyle

Everything and everyone around you makes your relationship complete. Your lifestyle includes your home, family, children, friends, and what you do for fun and leisure. What kind of full and complete life do you want to live with your mate? Do you want kids? Do you want to travel? Do you want a home where you can entertain family and friends? Your lifestyle is the life you create with the outside world, too. What’s yours?

Our Spirituality

Inside of your heart is a spiritual desire. What kind of man matches that desire? What sort of actions in the world demonstrate who he is deep in his heart? No matter what your spiritual preferences are, do you want a man who journeys on the same path with you, or one who brings a different perspective? The choice is yours.

The Essence of Our Relationship

So far, you’ve created a vision for quite an amazing Dream Man, but you’re not done yet. This might be a good time to make another cup of tea or get up and stretch. You want to feel totally content during this part. The last aspect of your Dream Man is the essence, true feelings, and experiences you have with this perfect partner. What is your relationship like? What is your relationship like as it grows? What is the ultimate fulfillment of your union with this man? Dream big, as you are about to see him come into your life.