The inner aspects of your Dream Man—his values, beliefs, and life experiences—make up who he is and how he lives in the world.

His essence is what drives him when he makes decisions, runs his affairs, and builds his relationships. His essence is what you respect when you get to know who he really is inside, what motivates him, and what he cares about most deeply. This is a core part of your Dream Man story. What kind of man do you want to live and play with, respect, admire, adore, and love?
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His Values and Our Values (section 1 of 4)
I fell in love with my Dream Man because his highest values are (honesty, integrity, loyalty, responsibility, generosity, compassion, trust, collaboration, enthusiasm, kindness, playfulness, security, adventurousness, commitment, learning, openness, sharing, supportiveness, tolerance, forgiveness, etc.).
One of his deepest beliefs is that
• we should live each day to the fullest
• contributing to the community is important
• he has a calling in life and a desire to fulfill it
• curiosity and lifelong learning are an important part of life
• family is the center of life
• contributing to and being involved in our (church, temple, faith, etc.) is a major part of our life
• we should care for each other and other people
… which means a lot to me because (your own answer) …
It’s also great that we…

• share common political perspectives
• are both (liberal, conservative, independent, green) in our political views
• are comfortable having diverse political views
• don’t really care about politics
…because I like to (have amicable discussions about current affairs, be on the same page about issues, lightly debate our perspectives, debate our perspectives, talk about more meaningful topics, etc.).
How He Treats Himself, Me, and Others (section 2 of 4)
He’s so inspiring to me with his willingness to…
• work on improving himself
• ask for help when he needs it
• be self-sufficient and take care of himself
• be self-aware and take responsibility for his behavior
• take care of business
• tell the clear and simple truth
• be receptive to kind advice
I truly value that he…
• walks his talk in how he treats others
• has great compassion towards others in the world
• is responsible and keeps his word and commitments
• always tries to do the right thing
• is truly a nice guy to everyone
… and he always (supports my dreams, speaks positively about me to others, treats me with the greatest respect, etc.).
It also touches me that he is…
• generous with his time
• generous and kind of heart
• generous to friends, his family, and me
• generous to specific causes that are important and meaningful to him
• philanthropic and a true humanitarian
His Manner and His Mind (section 3 of 4)
One of the things that excites me about him is…
• that he is comfortable in a board room or a pool hall
• his drive and ambition
• his energy and passion for his work
• his passion for (sports, cars, motorcycles, flying, skiing, art, etc.)
• his curiosity for travel and adventures
• his commitment to community life (politics, service, church, etc.)
• his closeness to his family
…which (impresses, intrigues, inspires, amazes, impacts, etc.) me because (your own answer)…
When he’s out in the world, he is…
• powerfully present
• large and in charge
• balanced and independent
• open, present, and authentic
• reserved and observant
• confident and secure
…which makes me feel (your own answer)… I love his (quick, witty, inquisitive, analytical, creative, well-read, intelligent, rational, insightful, etc.) mind because he…
• keeps me on my toes
• always has something interesting to talk about
• is an avid reader and it’s a lifelong passion of mine
• enjoys learning new things
• enjoys teaching me new things
• knows so much about so many things
His sense of humor…
• makes me laugh out loud
• makes me not take life so seriously
• is always positive and makes me feel better
• is so hilarious
• is subtle and droll
• engages others in a positive way
Every time I hear his (joyful, jubilant, exuberant, jovial, infectious, spirited, belly, heartfelt, hardy, animated, cheerful, etc.) laugh, it brings a smile to my face.

I’m proud that my dream man is incredibly (conscious, creative, open-minded, sensitive, powerful, non-judgmental, spontaneous, comfortable in his own skin, kind, private, respectful, unselfish, loyal, honorable, generous, etc.).

When I look across the room, I say, “That’s my man and…
• I’m so grateful he came into my life
• I admire how he wins people over
• I appreciate how he likes and respects himself
• I marvel at how he maneuvers in the world
• I’m so proud to be with him
When I sit back and watch him, I truly appreciate his…
(happy go-lucky, playful, adventurous, artistic, down-to-earth, charismatic, warm-hearted, grounded, secure, sensitive, caring, genuine, confident, quiet, contemplative, etc.) way of being. He’s just (amazing, a wonderful man, a great guy, so sexy, such a real man, etc.).
His Energy(section 4 of 4)
What I love about him is his…
• abundant energy and vitality
• energetic and fun-loving spirit
• insatiable curiosity and positive attitude towards life
• easy-going nature
• mellow, laid-back attitude
• drive and ambition
……which is important to me because (your own answer)…
This is a good place to take a breather. It takes some time and thought to focus on what you really want.
Next you’ll go into more details about him