All of the lovey-dovey stuff is wonderful, but when some of the fairy dust dissipates, you’re left with the details of life: work, finances, and schedules.

What is your ideal life with your Dream Man? Make it work for you.
What He Does (section 1 of 2)
My Dream Man is (an entrepreneur, a professional, a business man, an educator, in the creative arts, in the healing arts, in public life, retired, etc.), and he…
• earns at least $ ____________________ per year
• has his financial affairs handled
• is financially stable and secure
• is wealthy from previous ventures and now pursues other interests
• is very wealthy and successful in his career
• is happy with his work and I’m comfortable with whatever he earns
His pursuits allow him…
• a predictable schedule (so that I know when to expect him home, so that we can plan vacations, etc.)
• to work 9-to-5 weekdays (and be home for dinner most every night, and be home on the weekends to be with the family, etc.)
• to not mind long hours (because my work is demanding too, etc.)
• to travel (and I enjoy going along, and that gives me time to myself, etc.)
• flexibility (so that we can freely do things together, because I have a hectic schedule, because I travel with my work etc.)
I admire that he…
• is dedicated and passionate about his work (retirement, craft, talent, etc.) has achieved a level of respect / recognition / prestige in his field
• is fulfilled in his career and wants to grow professionally
• is fulfilled with his work, but flexible and open to change
• is comfortable and secure in his work
• is truly enjoying his retirement
His coworkers and colleagues respect that he is (a solid man, reliable, a great guy, responsible, a leader, a visionary, inspirational, creative, talented, gifted, dedicated to helping others, intelligent and successful, a global and dynamic thinker, dedicated to making a difference in the world, etc.).
Finances and Roles (section 2 of 2)
I truly appreciate that he…
• thinks highly of my work and respects my dedication
• understands the demands of my work
• is proud of me and my accomplishments
• values my expertise and respects my advice
• treasures all that I do for our family life
• fully supports me being a stay-at-home mom
I’m grateful that he…
• helps me balance work and our time together
• is in the same industry as me / is in a different industry than me
• is flexible with who handles daily life tasks (cooks, shops, laundry, etc.)
• loves that I take care of most everything around the house
• prefers that I’m home so that we can spend more time together
• takes responsibility for our financial needs so that I can fulfill my dreams

Our financial arrangement is harmonious since…
Mr. Right is prudent with handling money and invests well for our future

• he earns enough money so that we can live a comfortable lifestyle
• he’s wealthy and we live an extraordinary lifestyle
• he is open to my being the primary breadwinner (he’s a stay-at-home father, artist, retired, etc.)
• we don’t consider money an issue
• we share in building our wealth and security
• we both contribute financially to our lifestyle needs and future
He is…
• very generous when it comes to spending money on others and me
• generous with me, but sensible about how he spends money
• thoughtful about how he spends money and always ensures I have what I need
• mindful in how he spends money and is attentive to our financial security
• respectful of my independence in spending the money I earn, and we share household expenses
• happy when I spend money on him and his ego stays intact

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