The Man of My Dreams Came in a Surprise Package

My Dream Man had three small boys when I met him. He was fifty and I was forty-seven, with

a twenty-three-year-old daughter. There was nothing in my story about having small children

in my life, and I never imagined I would become a stepmother in my late forties. However,

I found that raising his children was the best thing that could have happened to my life. I

had a second chance to create a bustling home life that was very different from the one I’d

experienced with my daughter who was an only child. I hadn’t realized this was something I

deeply desired. As a result, the Dream Man Story Creator now includes more categories and

questions designed to provide you with clarity on all the Big Questions. It’s still my Dream

Man’s strongest qualities, essence, and values that make our marriage work today; it’s not the

specific events and circumstances that have occurred in our lives. Remember, you’re looking

for a man who complements and satisfies your deepest desires, and he may come packaged

in a way that you never expected. Keep an open mind.




Now what?

STEP 3. Attract—Manifest Your Own Ending

“Your energy speaks louder than words; be aware of what signals you’re sending.”

Congratulations on completing the Story Creator.

You are now clear about what you want. Now that

you’ve filled in the blanks, you have a deeper sense of

what you’re looking for in your Dream Man through

magnetic resonance. But the process isn’t quite finished

yet. This final section guides you through the process of

attracting your Dream Man. Be sure to type or write

out your story in full. Reading the story in its final

form is a critical part of embodying it and igniting the

attraction factor. You’ve done all this hard work—don’t

stop now or the process won’t be complete.

Energetic Compatibility and Magnetic Resonance to Find True Love

While you’re reading your Dream Man story, you should have a smile on your face, a sense of

fulfillment, and a powerful connection to your man. It can be exhilarating. You will actually see

and feel your life with the man of your dreams.

When you bring your Dream Man story to life, you will begin to attract men with complementary

energy who resonate with your deepest desires. This will support you to find someone

who’s energetically compatible, which is what he’ll be looking for, too. Compatibility is based

on mutually harmonious and congenial feelings. By internalizing your clear vision with feelings

and declaring your truest desires, you will change your resonance and attraction factor. You’ll

see men differently and they’ll see you differently, too. Most women try to make their dreams

come true by directing their thoughts out into the world with lists, wishful thinking, and hope.

However, attraction actually happens through changing your energetic resonance to bring your

dreams to you. Your Dream Man story creates and empowers this magnetic resonance.

Your Energy speaks Louder Than Words When Trying to Get a Man

You’ve probably met people with intense energy

who either repelled or attracted you. Your body is

a system comprised of energy centers that receive

and emit electromagnetic force fields. (If you want

more information on this, I recommend The Heart

of the Soul by Gary Zukav.) Your deep beliefs and

thoughts create feelings and emotions that radiate

either positive or negative force fields—your energy.

This occurs constantly, whether you like it or not,

and your energy can be subtly seen and felt by others.

While others may not always accurately or consciously

identify your feelings, they can sense either

a positive or negative vibration. Your feelings are

sending out energetic signals that resonate and attract

matching energy—and you can’t fake it. Your

energy speaks louder than your words. For example, if you carry around a deep-seated belief

that ultimately all men are destined to cheat, you are more likely to attract men who will fulfill

your belief. Doesn’t it make sense, then, to change your thought patterns and beliefs to what

you want rather than what you don’t want? What you do is minuscule compared with what

you choose to think. Thoughts are powerful, and they are the only thing in our lives that we

can actually control. But you can’t create what you want from your mind alone. You need the

emotional connection of your thoughts with your feelings. Our bodies respond to our emotions,

either positively or negatively. You know you’re connecting with your feelings when you

can feel energy and emotional reactions in your body.

Thoughts + Feelings = Creation

There are numerous books and films on the Law of Attraction,

and the principle has been embraced by some of the greatest

achievers of the twentieth century. In his 1937 book, Think and

Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill wrote, “Any idea, plan or purpose that

is brought into the conscious mind and repeatedly supported by

emotional feeling is automatically picked up by the subconscious

brain and carried out to its conclusion.” He extolled the power of

visualization and burning desire (feelings) as the secret to having

anything you want. Other contemporary self-help authors and

speakers—Gary Zukav, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Dr. Deepak Chopra, to name a few—speak

passionately about the power of intention in creating your life through focused thoughts and

attention on what you desire. More recently, the phenomenon of The Secret has swept the

world. It is an inspirational introduction and illustration of the power of attraction.

I like the Wikipedia definition of the Law of Attraction:

“People’s thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) dictate the reality of their lives, whether

or not they’re aware of it. If you really want something and truly believe it’s possible, you’ll get

it. The Law of Attraction claims to have roots in Quantum Physics. According to proponents

of this law, thoughts have an energy which attracts whatever it is the person is thinking of. In

order to control this energy to one’s advantage, proponents state that people must practice four


1. Know exactly what you want.

2. Ask the universe for it.

3. Feel, behave, and know as if the object of your desire is on its way.

4. Be open to receive it and let go of the attachment to the outcome.

Thinking of what one does not have, they say, manifests itself in not having, while if one

abides by these principles and avoids negative thoughts, the universe will manifest a person’s


For more information on how this powerful law relates to relationships, I recommend Esther

and Jerry Hicks’ The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships. My Dream Man Story?

1. Keep finetuning until it feels complete to you. Condense it to reflect only what’s

important to you.

2. R ead your Dream Man story every da y for a couple of weeks or more. Reading it

aloud while envisioning it in your mind can add even more juice to the process and make

it feel more real. Your goal is to create new neural pathways in your brain for your new

beliefs and attitudes. You want them deeply embedded in your subconscious so that your

magnetic resonance sends a clear signal. This time frame for reviewing your story varies

among women; it’s based on when you feel a sense of completeness. It needs to become

part of your cellular fabric. I read mine every night for two weeks before I went to sleep,

which helped me to fully embrace and embody my story. The first week I found myself

tweaking it to be more specific and adding things I’d missed. You’ll know when you

embody your vision because it will feel good in your heart and you can speak to others

about what you want clearly and decisively. The purpose of the process and story is to

extract your truest dream, see it in writing, feel it, claim it, and fully embody it. You are

clear-headed and heart-connected and have spent a lot of time thinking and writing

about what you truly want, so you can’t pretend it doesn’t exist or devalue anything you’ve

written. Your goal is to see your life with this man all the way into feeling the emotions

of having him in your life. When you read your story, feel the feelings of every aspect of

what you’ve envisioned. This is the secret to transforming your energy to create magnetic

resonance, which will draw him to you like a hummingbird to nectar.

3. Keep your story handy. Keep it within easy access—in your desk, journal, or

nightstand—to review whenever you need a reminder. There’s no need to be overly

preoccupied or intensely focused on your story beyond the first several weeks. You now

emanate the energy and resonance of your vision, and your actions move you towards

your goal.

4. E dit and upda te it as you date. As you change and grow, make sure your story matches

your growth. Updating your story will reap great results in renewing the energy you


5. P ractice. View each new man you date as practice in moving a step closer to your ideal

man. Keep notes on the men who are not a match to see if they have similarities with

each other (revisit the “Themes That Didn’t Work for Me” activity under “What I Don’t

Want” in Part 1). If they do, this may be a clue that something inside you still is resisting

the man of your dreams. Ask yourself what inside you is causing attraction to the same

traits or patterns in men. When you remain aware and start to notice patterns, it is far

easier to redefine what you “deserve” and focus your attention on releasing the block in

your energy and magnetic resonance.

6. S hare it with a potential Dream Man. When you think you’ve found a man who

may be the one, if you’re comfortable, show him your Dream Man story and see what

he thinks. WARNING: Be certain that you share a mutual intention towards each other

first. Revealing this too soon could be overwhelming to him. When I eventually showed

my husband my story, he took everything to heart, remembers what it said to this day,

and does his best to remain my Dream Man.

7. U se it to write your authentic bio. Use all of this insight to create your online

dating bio that proclaims the authentic you and what you’re looking for in a man. That is

tantamount to sending your electromagnetic signal over the Internet. Focus on what you

want rather than what you think he’s looking for.

8. L ive your ideal relationships with everyone in your life. Look at what you’ve

discovered about your patterns, values, and desires. You’ll likely find yourself interacting

in a more empowered way with other people and situations in your life, both personally

and professionally.

Radiate My New Energy to Attract the Man of My Dreams

You are now ready to employ your attraction

techniques. You’ve cleared out your old beliefs;

identified who you are and what you love and

value; and created your Dream Man story and

hand-written or typed it in full. Now you’re

ready to ignite the attraction factor that draws

him right into your life. While the preliminary

activities and creation of your story began the

process of transformation, reading the vision

helps you fully

integrate your new way of being. Your energy is shifting to be

more in alignment with the new beliefs, thoughts, and feelings

evoked from reading your story. Once you cement these new

thoughts and feelings in your body, you’ve claimed them and you

aren’t going to lose them. You naturally begin to radiate a new

energy of self-knowledge and a clear vision of your man and your

relationship. This causes you to resonate a powerful magnetic

signal that broadcasts: This is who I am, this is the man I want,

and this is the relationship I deserve to have.

PART 5. What To Expect Next

“Radiate your feminine potential, attract the man of your dreams,

and you will change the world.”

My Perfectly Imperfect Dream Man

You may be wondering: Is my Dream Man going

to have every quality I describe in my story? He might,

but more likely he’ll possess most, but not all, of those

qualities. Then again, you may also get more than

you imagined. You can expect to attract a man who

embodies your most deeply cherished qualities. Your

priorities will also become clear without your having

to think about them. You’ll notice more men coming

into your life with more of the qualities you want,

but you’ll no longer waste time on men who aren’t

an energetic and complementary match. You’ll sense

and assess men through the filter of your core values

rather than through your old programming, outdated

fantasies, and misleading surface evaluations.

Are you saying he’s going to be a perfect man who does everything right, and that we’ll never

have problems? Absolutely not. Being human is about making mistakes, facing challenges, and

overcoming obstacles—mixed in with pleasurable

experiences, personal fulfillment, and

joy. The man of your dreams is someone who

fulfills your deepest desires and complements

your way of navigating the highs and lows of

life. After the sizzle fades, you want to know

you’re with a man who nourishes your heart

and soul through any adversity.

How long will it take to find my Dream Man?

This isn’t possible for me to answer since it depends so much on two people’s personal circumstances

and divine timing. However, your part in the equation is to make sure you are breaking

through old patterns and healing the places inside you that resist having him in your life. See

the Related Reading in Appendix A if you’re interested in additional resources to assist you in

healing emotional blocks and patterns. I met my husband eleven months after I wrote my story,

but other women have met theirs sooner and others have taken longer.

Expect Surprises

Paradoxically, while your actual Dream Man might not look exactly like the mental picture

you’ve conjured, you’ll begin to recognize energetic synchronicity from your Dream Man story.

You’re attracting his energy and the feelings you want to experience and not exclusively the

external package. He might show up with qualities and new experiences you hadn’t expected,

and those can add new and wonderful dimensions to your life that you hadn’t anticipated. Just

as your home’s interior design can be changed and enhanced dramatically by a fabulous piece

of furniture you find, so too can your relationship be improved by a Dream Man who brings

delightful and unexpected attributes.

Through this process, the more you learn about what you love and what’s important to you, the more

options for men open up to you. This process encourages you to create new relationship visions that

are less superficial. Keep an open mind to allow a relationship to flow naturally.

Arielle ’s Story : See how she got an unexpected dream man package.