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How to Get Clear, Define What You Want and Attract the Man of Your Dreams

In this empowering new book, Deb shows you how to get clear about what you want and never have to settle for anything less. You will literally write your very own personalized love story in the form of Deb’s original Story Creator. This exhilarating experience will transform your vision of your ideal mate into a romantic and heartfelt narrative, setting the Law of Attraction in motion. You will actually feel your way to your man.

CHOOSE HIM includes a manual version of the Story Creator and valuable information you can only find in the book, such as tips on navigating the dating world and things every woman needs to know to attract her Dream Man!


With this automated version of Deb’s exciting and empowering Story Creator, you will be guided to create your own unique and authentic love story. You will end up with much more than a wish list—you will have a CLEAR vision of your Dream Man and your life together.

You’ll be amazed by the strength and freedom you’ll feel as you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the partner and life you want.

If you only do one thing for your love life, you owe it to yourself to define precisely what you want so you can fully trust yourself and finally claim it!

Together, the book and online template give you everything you need to turn your love life around, once and for all.

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Choose Him Book $27.95 (includes manual version of Story Creator)
Online Story Creator $19.95
Buy Both: Special Package Price $39.95 (save $7.95 + free shipping for a limited time)

For more about the Choose Him book, including a Sneak Peek at the manual Story Creator, CLICK HERE.

For more about the Online Story Creator, including a Sneak Peek at this automated version of the template, CLICK HERE.