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My Story Completed • Deb Garraway • Do love and life differently!

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My Dream Man is between and years old since ; and he is about feet inches tall, which matters to me because . I get butterflies when I look at his and his physique. I love his hair; it makes him look . He has a and I love how his face feels against mine when we kiss.

When I hear my man’s voice it sounds so , and when he whispers in my ear I . I’m appreciative that he is about his hair, face, and nails. When I lay my head on his chest, I’m intoxicated by his scent. What I love about the way he dresses is his . My Dream Man’s overall style is which is for me. He likes it when I dress and he also likes to see me . What he admires about me is my style.

I fell in love with my Dream Man because his highest values are . One of his deepest beliefs is that , which means a lot to me because . It’s also great that we because I like to .

He’s so inspiring to me with his willingness to . I truly value that he and he always . It also touches me that he is . One of the things that excites me about him is , which me because . When he’s out in the world, he is , which makes me feel .

I love his mind because he . His sense of humor . Every time I hear his laugh, it brings a smile to my face. I’m proud that my man is incredibly . When I look across the room, I say, "That’s my man and ." When I sit back and watch him, I truly appreciate his way of being. He’s just . What I love about him is his , which is important to me because .

We spend a lot of our time . He happens to be a really great , too, and he . He loves as much as I do. We even share the same feelings about animals and , which matters to me because .

We are compatible in our daily routine since he is like me, and he . It’s natural for him to be . During his own time with others, he enjoys . He cherishes his solo time , and when he’s not doing his own thing, I appreciate that he .

I’m pleased that he and he also . At home, my man likes to since . When we go out to eat, he . I appreciate his table manners, as they are and he . When he goes out socially, he and , which is important to me because . He is the kind of man who .

My Dream Man is , and he . His pursuits allow him . I admire that he . His coworkers and colleagues respect that he is .

I truly appreciate that he . I'm grateful that he . Our financial arrangement is harmonious since . He is .

My man finds me irresistible in that . What my guy loves about me is my . He is thoughtful in supporting me in my alone time when I want to . He appreciates that my spirit is and . He’s proud that I am very . When he speaks about me to others he says that which makes me feel .

My guy encourages me to pursue my dreams by . It’s natural for him to . He shows his romantic side by . He’s the kind of man who would and that makes me .

When I walk through the door, he makes me feel . In our quiet time together, I know he feels , and he always says . I know for sure that he makes me feel . It gives him blissful pleasure to , and out in public he . He delights in my body and sees me as and he is . Physically, what turns him on about me are my , and and most important he loves and accepts me as I am.

What really worked for me when we first met is that . When it comes to making love, we and we are completely compatible.

My Dream Man is . When we talk together, his natural way of communicating is . In his style of engaging with me, he . We like to talk about and that makes me feel . As a listener, he . When we have a disagreement, we . At times, when I’m angry with him, he . And when I’m down in the dumps , and I really love him for this.

He is . He’s a good match for me because . If I he .

When it comes to material things, what’s important to me is that he prefers . When I met my Dream Man, he . Our living situation suits us perfectly, since we and we live . Our primary home is our place . Our interior design and living styles are . We are well matched in our home care talents, since .

We which contributes to our sense of . He and . We believe .

The man of my dreams and I enjoy . When we travel, we enjoy . My favorite activities while traveling with my man are . Traveling with my Dream Man is delightful because he . In looking ahead to our later years, the kind of retirement we envision is .

My Dream Man . This pleases me because I . He believes . Our spiritual lifestyle encompasses .

Our relationship is enlivening because we . The most important words to describe the essence of our day-to-day life are , , and . Our relationship is and the ultimate fulfillment of our love affair is that we are .

And we are living .

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