What Do I Do With My Story?

  1. Keep fine-tuning until it feels complete to you. Condense it to reflect only what’s important to you. If it’s too long, it can be overwhelming and hard to integrate.
  2. Read your Dream Man story every day for a couple of weeks or more. Reading it aloud while envisioning it in your mind can add even more juice to the process and make it feel more real. Your goal is to create new neural pathways in your brain for your newly clarified desires. You want them deeply embedded in your subconscious so that your magnetic energy sends a clear signal. This timeframe for reviewing your story varies among women; it’s based on when you feel a sense of completeness. It needs to become part of your cellular fabric.
    The purpose of the process and story is to extract your truest dream, see it in writing, feel it, claim it, and fully embody it. Your goal is to see your life with this man all the way into feeling the emotions of having him in your life. When you read your story, feel every aspect of what you’ve envisioned. This is the real secret to the Law of Attraction. The energy created from your feelings will draw him to you like a hummingbird to nectar.
  3. Keep your story handy. Keep it within easy access—in your desk, journal, or nightstand—to review whenever you need a reminder. There’s no need to be overly preoccupied or intensely focused on your story beyond the first several weeks. You now emanate the energy and resonance of your vision, and your actions move you toward your goal.
  4. Edit and update your story as you date. As you change and become clearer, make sure your story matches your growth. These updates will reap great results in renewing the energy you radiate.
  5. Practice. View each new man you date as practice in moving a step closer to your ideal man. Keep notes on the men who are not a match to see if they have similarities with each other. If they do, this may be a clue that something inside you is still resisting the man of your dreams. Ask yourself what is causing attraction to the same traits or patterns in men.
  6. Share it with a potential Dream Man. When you think you’ve found a man who may be the one, if you’re comfortable, show him your Dream Man story and see what he thinks. WARNING: Be certain that you share a mutual intention toward each other first. Revealing this too soon could be overwhelming to him.
  7. Use it to write your authentic bio. Use all of this insight to create your online dating bio that proclaims the authentic you and what you’re looking for in a man. That is tantamount to sending your electromagnetic signal over the Internet. Focus on what you want rather than what you think he’s looking for.
  8. Radiate your new attraction energy. Once you cement these new thoughts and feelings in your mind and body, you’ve claimed them and you aren’t going to lose them. You will naturally radiate a new energy of self-knowledge and a clear vision of your man and your relationship. This resonates a powerful magnetic signal that broadcasts: This is who I am, this is the man I want, and this is the relationship I deserve to have.
  9. Let us hear from you. Your suggestions and success stories are most welcome and appreciated. Send Deb a message at deb@attractingtheloveofmylife.com.

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