We start with the physical aspect not because it’s the most important aspect, but because it’s often how we begin a dream.

Creating an image of what your Dream Man might look like allows you to envision other aspects of your life together, too.

So let’s get clear about how your Dream Man inspires your senses. When you think of the physical aspects of your Dream Man, think of all of the details of his appearance, scent, style, and how he takes care of himself—what lights your fire? You’ll also be prompted to think about how he feels about you physically, as well as how he makes you feel when you’re together. Do you want to snuggle up to him or do you want to just admire his physique? Do you want to smell the scent of his neck, play with his hair, or feel his muscles? Your Dream Man’s physical body is the body you want to spend time with, adore, and love touching.
His Body and Voice (section 1 of 2)
My Dream Man is between and years old since..
I prefer a younger / an older man
• I prefer a man closer to my age
• an older man makes me feel younger (more secure, appreciated, etc.)
• a younger man makes me feel younger
…and he is about fee inches tall, which matters to me because…
• I fit nicely under his arm when we’re walking together
• I love the way a big guy feels
• I love the way a man feels who’s more my size
• I can kiss him without standing on my toes
• he’s taller than me in my high heels
• we can spoon in bed and we fit perfectly
• it makes me feel safe and protected
• a bigger man makes me feel more feminine
I get butterflies when I look at his (handsome face, perfect teeth, smile, gorgeous eyes, full lips, big hands, muscular legs, strong arms, hairy chest, tush, etc.) and hi physique (slim, muscular, stocky, medium build, teddy bear like, lean and athletic, chubby in the tummy, etc.).

I love his hair; (short, medium, long, thick, slightly balding, brown, black, sandy, red, blonde, salt & pepper, silver) it makes him loo (sophisticated, contemporary, intelligent, natural, wild, artistic, youthful, striking, gorgeous, exotic, manly, etc.).
He has (clean-shaven face, sexy mustache, beard, goatee, etc.) and I love how his face feels against mine when we kiss.
When I hear my man’s voice it sounds s (smooth, melodious, deep, smoky, soothing, sexy, strong, commanding, etc.) and when he whispers in my ear (just melt, feel calm, feel loved, feel comfortable, feel excited, tingle all over, etc.).

I’m appreciative that he i (carefree, casual, conscientious, meticulous, etc.) about his hair, face, and nails.
When I lay my head on his chest, I’m intoxicated by hi scent (outdoorsy, beachy, clean, natural, masculine, sexy, musky, etc.).
Appearance and Style (Section 2 of 2)
What I love about the way he dresses is his..
• athletic and sporty look
• traditional outdoorsman look (Pendleton shirts, vests, etc.)
• casual, relaxed look
• handsome look in jeans and a pressed shirt / T-shirt
• classic look in khakis and a polo
• sophisticated look in business suits or a tux
• unconventional artsy style
• willingness to wear bright colors
• uniform

My Dream Man’s overall style is (steamy sexy, Ivy League, stylish, sophisticated, polished, casual, sporty, rugged, cowboy-like, artistic and carefree, athletic, urban edgy, metrosexual, classic, traditional, etc.), which is for me (a turn-on, inspiring, comfortable, etc.).

He likes it when I dress and he also likes to see me…
• casually in jeans, khakis, shorts
• in athletic clothes
• short shorts
• in casual business suits
• in skirts or dresses
• in vintage clothes
• in my own artsy, kooky style
• in cocktail and formal attire
• in sexy lingerie
• in nothing at all

What he admires about me is my style (sexy, urban chic, eclectic, trendsetting, fashionable, sophisticated, elegant, classy, delicate and ultra-feminine, natural, cowgirl-like, athletic, tomboyish, etc.).

Reach deep into your heart and ask for what you want, not what you may think is possible!

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