So far, you’ve created a vision for quite an amazing Dream Man, but you’re not done yet. This might be a good time to make another cup of tea or get up and stretch. You want to feel totally content during this part.

The last aspect of your Dream Man is the essence, true feelings, and experiences you have with this perfect partner. What is your relationship like?

What is your relationship like as it grows? What is the ultimate fulfillment of your union with this man? Dream big, as you are about to see him come into your life.
Our relationship is enlivening because we…
• challenge and encourage each other to live our fullest potential
• complement each other in our uniqueness, creativity, and energy
• are soul-connected partners on a common path
• are so much alike and interested in similar things
• have clear roles and appreciate how we both contribute
• are truly best friends
• allow each other independence and freedom to also live our individual lives

The most important words to describe the essence of our day-to-day life are laughter, harmony, contentment, passion, excitement, support, respect, connection, affection

, stimulating, spiritual, sharing, satisfaction, peace, joy, love, attentiveness, etc.).
Our relationship is (committed, monogamous, faithful, open to alternative partners, etc.) and the ultimate fulfillment of our love affair is that we are…
• married and are raising a family
• married and have children in our lives
• married and enjoying our independence/empty nest
• committed to each other in an equal partnership
• committed to each other in an adoring partnership
• committed to each other and living separately
committed and no longer worried about how to get a guy
And we are living…
• authentically ever after . . . the beginning
• joyfully and harmoniously, and will forever
• a mutually fulfilling life together
• a passionate and adventurous life
• create your own

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