Beyond his essence is his natural way of being in the world. What type of person is the man of my dreams?

What’s he like when he goes out socially? What is his daily rhythm? What kind of food does he like? What’s he really good at? In this section, explore who he is and what you love about him. In the end, you will have a clear idea of what type of Dream Man you want to find.
With Me (section 1 of 3)
We spend a lot of our time…
• enjoying each other and laughing a lot
• meeting new people
• people watching
• dancing
• playing sports (golf, tennis, volleyball, skiing, etc.)
• doing things outdoors
• watching TV and movies together
• meditating or doing other spiritual practices
• reading to each other, discussing ideas
• making love
He happens to be a really great (dancer, artist, athlete, singer, sailor, skier, musician, poet, outdoors man, handyman, etc.), too, and he
• takes me dancing often
• invites me to join him in athletic activities
• sings to me often
• takes me sailing (camping, to sporting events, galleries, theater, etc.)
• loves it when I go skiing (hiking, biking, boating, etc.) with him
• plays his (piano, guitar, etc.) for me
• reads poetry to me often
• invites me along on his outdoor adventures
• fixes things for me
• takes care of repairing things around the house

He loves (sex, making love, golf, sports, reading, art, music, movies, plays, outdoor activities, etc.) as much as I do.
We even share the same feelings about animals and (he loves dogs, he loves cats, he loves all animals, we agree not to have animals, etc.), which matters to me because (your own answer)…
His Time (section 2 of 3)
We are compatible in our daily routine since he is (a night owl, a morning person, a mid-day person, adaptable etc.) like me, and he…
• is happy to have a comfortable, consistent routine
• is very flexible and willing to change his routine
• enjoys variety in his daily life
• wants a routine he can count on

It’s natural for my soulmate to be…
extremely active and always doing something

• very active, but he also likes some mellow time
• somewhat active, and he enjoys quiet time
• a true homebody who appreciates relaxing
During his own time with others, he enjoys…
• having genuine friends over to hang out
• volunteering in the community
• attending cultural events
• going to sporting events
• playing sports and games
• hanging out in the local coffee shop (pub, library, bookstore, park, etc.)
• meeting up with a buddy
He cherishes his solo time (relaxing, reading, watching TV, playing an instrument, listening to music, spending time outdoors, playing a solo sport, tinkering with his hobbies, working out, etc.) and when he’s not doing his own thing, I appreciate that he (checks to see what I want to do, enjoys doing something to make me happy, gives me the same space whenever I need it).
This template is meant to be a catalyst for your own thoughts and feelings. Feel free to create your own answers.
His Food Attitudes and Social Etiquette (section 3 of 3)
I’m pleased that he…
• is a vegetarian / vegan
• is a meat and potatoes man
• prefers healthy and organic foods
• is conscious about healthy food choices
• prefers his cultural food
• enjoys many ethnic dishes
…and he also
• is open to trying new foods
• likes to experiment with a variety of foods
• is happy with basic foods
• is a real foodie and loves to eat out
At home, my man likes to…
• cook for me
• have me cook for him
• share in cooking together
• take turns cooking
• cook for others (entertain)
• have someone cook for us
• order takeout (delivery)
…since (your own answer)
When we go out to eat, he (orders for me, lets me order for myself, orders the wine for us, lets me order the wine, etc.).

I appreciate his table manners, as they are (impeccable, polite, traditional, proper, elegant, not fussy, common sense, etc.) and he…
• uses his utensils in the proper way
• follows formal table etiquette
• has casual table manners
• chews his food politely
• takes his time to eat and savor food
• relishes food with gusto
When he goes out socially, he and…
• is a non-drinker
• is conscious of his drinking limits
• is fun and enjoys drinking
• avoids recreational drugs
• is conscious of his limits with recreational drugs
• is a party guy who enjoys recreational drugs
• is a non-smoker
• occasionally smokes
• enjoys smoking as much as I do
…which is important to me because (your own answer) …
He is the kind of man who…
• insists on paying for everything when we go out together
• likes to pay for most everything when we go out, but he also is open to my treating him at times
• likes the fact that I’m always considerate in paying my share
• likes it that we take turns treating
• is secure in himself and appreciates that I am well-off and can afford to pay for everything
• appreciates a financially secure and generous woman
After the sizzle settles down, it’s strictly business