When the two of you are alone, what is it that you want to experience most with him? Intimacy includes everything from talking and touching to sex.

It’s the experience you have with him and with yourself that brings you closer together, allows you to be vulnerable, and cements your relationship connection. When you’re out in public, how do you want him to treat you?
My Needs (section 1 of 2)
My guy encourages me to pursue my dreams by (sharing his ideas, giving me thoughtful feedback, helping me with planning, cheering me on, participating in them, always being positive, etc.).
It’s natural for him to…
• compliment me a lot
• want to build my confidence
• pamper me and be aware of my needs by bringing me coffee in the morning (making me breakfast in bed, always checking in with me to see what I need, etc.)
• find creative ways to make me feel special
He shows his romantic side by…

• bringing me flowers for no special occasion
• calling me just to say “hi” and see how my day is going
• always remembering my birthday, Valentine’s Day, and our anniversary
• opening doors for me and being a true gentleman
• always telling me how much he loves me and how happy he is to be with me
• always giving me affectionate pecks, pats, and squeezes
• telling me often that he thinks I’m beautiful and wonderful (how to get a man to do this!)
• scattering love notes around the house
• planning special things for us to do together (trips, theater, dinner, etc.)
• getting teary-eyed watching a love story
• sharing his deepest feelings about my importance in his life
He’s the kind of man who would…
• surprise me with a weekend getaway
• surprise me with a trip to Paris (Morocco, Thailand, etc.)
• surprise me with beautiful jewelry or perfume
• take me shopping and patiently watch me try on clothes
• surprise me with a new tennis racquet, bike, etc.
• surprise me with a gourmet meal he prepared himself
• surprise me with flowers
read me love poetry
• go to chick flicks with me to make me happy
• get out of bed to buy me ice cream or champagne
• arrange a gathering or surprise party with my friends
• hang out with my girlfriends and me and have a blast
…and that makes me (your own answer)

When I walk through the door, he makes me feel (missed, adored, beautiful, sexy, smart, cherished, important in his life, etc.).

In our quiet time together, I know he feels (fulfilled, proud, appreciated, valued, manly, loved, admired, like my hero, grateful, confident, supported, etc.) and he always says…

• I add so much to his life
• I’m never boring and I’m one of a kind
• he loves the warm and comfortable home I create
• I’m an amazing woman
• I give him peace of mind
• that he loves and respects me as I am
• I’m the one he wants to be with forever
• he can talk to me about anything
• we’re just so comfortable together
• we’re true soul mates / spiritual partners
I know for sure that he makes me feel (desirable, special, protected, safe and cared for, I can really trust him, beautiful, unconditionally loved, cherished, as if anything is possible, etc.).
Physically Speaking (section 2 of 2)
It gives him blissful pleasure to…

• snuggle, kiss, and hug
• just hold me
• give me a massage
• show his affection in many ways
• hold my hand while we’re watching TV

…and out in public he…
• likes to hold hands and walk arm-in-arm
• likes to touch and is very affectionate
• prefers to save his affection for private moments
• shows affection with loving looks and smiles

He delights in my body and sees me as (a goddess, a seductress, a beloved lover, sensual and feminine, sexy and voluptuous, etc.) …and he is (a super hot kisser, gentle, sensitive, attuned to my needs, romantic and tender, a fantastic lover, sensual and sizzling, etc.).
Physically, what turns him on about me are my , and (eyes, lips, smile, legs, fit body, curvaceous body, voluptuous body, petite body, statuesque body, etc.) and most important he loves and accepts me as I am.

What really worked for me when we first met is that:

• we agreed to just have fun and get to know each other before getting serious
• we both wanted to become friends before having sex (making love)
• we both felt free to express ourselves sexually without constraint or rules
• he accepted my decision to hold off on sex until we had a committed relationship
• we agreed to reserve our intimate passion for marriage
When it comes to making love, we (love to linger in bed, have amazing chemistry, are adventurous and experimental, make it a high/low priority, are passionate and romantic, spontaneous, have lots of foreplay, prefer to just cuddle, can take it or leave it. etc.) and we are completely compatible.
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