Imagine the type of communication and care you’d like to have with your Dream Man. Does your soulmate like to talk with you into the wee hours of the night?

Does he like to listen to your dreams? Does he disagree with you with kind words? Does he take care of you when you’re down?
Talking (section 1 of 4)
My Dream Man is (caring, thoughtful, considerate, supportive, emotionally available, open-hearted, willing to connect, a great communicator, engaging, etc.).
When we talk together, his natural way of communicating is…
• honest and candid
• agreeable and easy-going
• gentle with criticism
• open to constructive criticism
• open to learning and challenging each other
• debating his point but is willing to change his mind
• willing to sit down and talk things through
• a man of few words who listens more than he speaks
In his style of engaging with me, he…
• is interested in me and is a good conversationalist
• is curious to know more about my world
• intellectually and emotionally piques my interest
• is present—when he’s there, he’s really there for me and about me
• is more reserved and the strong quiet type
is committed to find true love
• likes to talk more than most men
• communicates with me on every level
• makes himself available when I really need to talk
• is willing to share his deepest feelings, even his fears
We like to talk about (business ideas, setting life goals, spiritual growth, current events, politics, travel, vacation plans, our kids’ lives and family activities, entertaining, movies, home improvement, the meaning of life, our relationship and how we can grow, etc.) and that makes me feel (like we’re truly connected, like we’re true partners, that we’re on the same wavelength, that we’re on the same path, that he respects my opinion, etc.).
Listening (section 2 of 4)
As a listener, he…
• knows when to talk and when to listen
• is a great sounding board without trying to fix the problem
• hears what I’m saying and gives good feedback
• engages me further
• enjoys hearing about my daily activities, thoughts, and opinions
• is so tuned in to me and he picks up on the smallest details
• listens to me without making me feel foolish about my thoughts and ideas
Differing (section 3 of 4)
When we have a disagreement, we…
• argue passionately and make up just as passionately
• have healthy arguments, but get over them quickly
• are able to argue respectfully
• never argue, but we have respectful discussions
• listen to each other’s points of view before responding
• resolve it before going to bed
• avoid calling each other hurtful names
• both want to actively, rationally resolve our conflicts
At times when I’m angry with him, he…
• knows when to leave me alone so I can work it through privately
• hugs me and apologizes
• says something funny to make me laugh
• respectfully asks that I sit down and talk to him
• listens and reacts rationally

And when I’m down in the dumps…
• the love of my life is kind and gentle

• he gives me space to allow me to work through my own feelings
• shows he cares and checks in on me without hovering
• he hugs and cuddles me and let’s me know everything will be okay
• he makes me laugh and cheers me up
…and I really love him for this.
Being (section 4 of 4)
He is…
• secure and confident and is totally trusting of me
• just jealous enough to make me feel special
• secure and confident, but is protective of me
• a little possessive and protective of me
He’s a good match for me because…
• I have a confident nature and I completely trust him
• I’m a little jealous, because he is so special
• he makes me feel loved and safe
• I know he’ll always stand up for me
If I…
• want to go out with my friends
• want to go shopping
• want to spend time alone
• want to take a vacation by myself
• want to spend time working
• sends me off and encourages me to have a great time
• lets me be without questioning or hovering
• helps me plan my trip and sends me off with a kiss
• lets me be with love and support
• has things he likes to do without me
• misses me but understands my need for personal time and space

Now he’s beginning to feel real and like a part of your life.
Everything and everyone around you makes your relationship complete. Your lifestyle includes your home, family, children, friends, and what you do for fun and leisure. What kind of full and complete life do you want to live with your mate? Do you want kids? Do you want to travel? Do you want a home where you can entertain family and friends? Your lifestyle is the life you create with the outside world, too. What’s yours?
In the World at Large (section 1 of 5)
When it comes to material things, what’s important to me is that he prefers…
• living a simple life and is comfortable with the basics
• the comforts of a traditional lifestyle
• a well-to-do life with recreational toys, the latest technology, cars, sports equipment, etc.
• the finer things in life and enjoys fine wine, art, and a cultural life, etc.
• the very best of everything: a vacation home or two, exotic first class travel, etc.
The next section is about Our Lifestyle