Home (section 2 of 5)

When I met my Dream Man, he…
was grateful that I would move across the country to be with him.

• was willing to follow me wherever I go (since I travel a lot, get transferred often, etc.)
• lived near me, which meant we could (keep our friends/activities, be near family, keep our jobs, etc.)
• liked that we live apart in our own homes (so that we have our own time and space, have diversity in our lives, etc.)
Our living situation suits us perfectly, since we…
• share his beautiful home
• share my beautiful home
• share our new home
• have more than one home
…and we live (in the city, in the country, in the suburbs, at the beach, on a ranch, in the mountains, on a boat, in an RV, etc.).
Our primary home is our place…
• to create sanctuary with my soulmate
• to relax and retreat
• to entertain with friends and family
• to enjoy social events and cultural activities
• to have fun with our hobbies
• to raise our children
• to play and chill out
• to work, since I work from home
• to each have our individual way of life and space to ourselves
Our interior design and living styles are…
• completely compatible
• complementary and easy to blend
• left up to me to manage
• left up to him to manage
• left up to each other to manage for our own homes
• merged and coordinated with an interior designer
• easy-going and not that important
We are well matched in our home care talents, since…
• he likes to cook and I like to do the dishes
• I like to cook and he likes to do the dishes
• we like to cook and do the dishes together
• I take care of the inside of the house and he takes care of the outside
• we share in household chores
• he is very considerate in sharing space
• he is very handy and can fix anything and I’m happy to let him
• we both enjoy home improvement projects
• we both love to garden and care for our property
• we agree to hire house care help
• we both take care of our own places
Friends and Family (section 3 of 5)
• each have a lot of friends
• embrace each other’s friends and accept them for who they are
• prefer to keep our friends separate
• have many friends from varied backgrounds and lifestyles
• include each other’s friends in our activities
• are both more private and prefer just a few close friends
…which contributes to our sense of… (enriching our life, connection, independence, autonomy, freedom, being social, diversity, worldliness, variety, etc.).
• has children
• has children in his care and wants more
• has no kids but wants to someday
• has no children and no plans to have any
• has children who are grown and not dependent on us
• loves kids and wants them as part of his life
• accepts my kids and lovingly joins my family
• respects my desire not to have children
• prefers that children are not part of our lives
• accepts that children will not be a part of our relationship
We believe…
• family is important and accept each other’s for who they are
• family is everything and we will do whatever it takes to be close to them and care for them
• in living our own lives and spending limited time with family
• in respecting each other’s boundaries with family
• in living a far distance from our families
Out and About (section 4 of 5)

The man of my dreams and I enjoy…
window shopping, going to sporting events

• being outdoors and hiking (skiing, running, roaming in parks, etc.)
• sharing in a hobby (horses, gardening, painting, etc.)
• going out to dinner and a movie
• visiting and socializing with friends (family, co-workers, clients)
• listening to music
• going dancing
• going gambling (horse races, casinos)
• going wine tasting
• taking road trips
• visiting art galleries, museums, and cultural events
When we travel, we enjoy…
• exploring a variety of cultures and countries
• roaming the U.S. in an RV
• lounging on the beach in tropical climates
• going on adventure trips
• yachting in exotic places
• camping under the stars
• five-star trips (Orient Express, Abercrombie & Fitch safaris, etc.)
• escaping to romantic hideaways
• My favorite activities while traveling with my man are…
• sightseeing
• trying new cuisines
• learning about the history and culture
• trying a new activity or challenge (skydiving, motorcycling, deep sea diving, etc.)
• touring museums
• shopping (for artifacts, clothes, art, etc.)
• being pampered in spas
• meeting new people
• hanging out with the locals
Traveling with my Dream Man is delightful because he…
• likes the same things I do
• is comfortable doing separate things at times
• takes care of me and leads the way
• lets me lead the way
• is curious and open to try new things
• loves our special time together
Our Future Lifestyle (section 5 of 5)
In looking ahead to our later years, the kind of retirement we envision is…
• continuing to remain active in our work
• being able to stop working while we’re young
• kicking back at home with hobbies
• remaining active in community affairs
• traveling the country in an RV
• becoming snowbirds and chasing the sun
• making our lives about the grandkids

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