Inside of your heart is a spiritual desire. What kind of man matches that desire? What sort of actions in the world demonstrate who he is deep in his heart?

No matter what your spiritual preferences are, do you want to get a man who journeys on the same path with you, or one who brings a different perspective? The choice is yours.
My Dream Man…
• is spiritual and trusts in a higher power
• believes in God (a higher power, Allah, etc.), but does not attend organized services
• has strong religious faith and attends organized services (church, temple, prayer, etc.) regularly
• has his own spiritual practices (meditation, yoga, ritual, etc.)
• has no spiritual or religious beliefs and we share agnostic/atheist perspectives
This pleases me because I (share the same beliefs, look forward to sharing our faith, believe this is important to the core of our relationship, want us to grow spiritually together, am not connected to any spiritual beliefs, etc.).
He believes…
• that strong faith in a higher power (God, Allah, Shangdi, Adi-buddha, etc.) is the key to healing humanity
• our (religious, sacred, holy, spiritual, etc) faith and devotion can get us through anything
• in the unity of humanity and embraces diversity
• that we should share resources and build community
• in being compassionate and charitable towards others
• that people are responsible for themselves and create their own destinies
• in our free will, existence, and karma

Our spiritual lifestyle encompasses ways to find true love and evolving our world together

• attending spiritual events and studying spirituality
• sharing our spiritual practices (yoga, meditation, ritual, etc.)
• praying together often (regularly, daily)
• participating in (church, temple, community) activities
• sharing the differences in our beliefs
• spending time in nature
• travel to foreign sacred sites
• just being good people while on this earth

To complete the aspects, move on to The Essence of Our Relationship