by Deb Garraway
April 16, 2011

The Man Of My Dreams Was Not Who I Expected

This morning on the wooded trail I walk every morning, I became enthralled with the variety of types of trees along the way and how much trees are like a metaphor for human beings.

Many trees were beginning to leaf and some even were blooming. Some stood tall, rich in color with perfect symmetry, while others had twisted trunks, knot holes, bulbous nodules and leafless, contorted branches. Some looked barely alive and others were thriving and vibrant, with many in between birth and demise. It dawned on me that the beauty of the trail is in its diversity of the many unique trees. Regardless of the array of shapes, sizes, colors, and varying degrees of well-being, each is exquisite and plays a role in bringing the trail to life.

I realized my favorite trail would be rather dull if all the trees were alike and flawless. There was so much beauty in their differences and their flaws.


by Deb Garraway
April 7, 2011

Find True Love by Feeling Your Way

Can I find true love with a list?

Often women tell me they know exactly what they want in a man

and won’t settle for anything less to find true love. They’ve written out a list of qualities that they must have and sometimes include things they don’t want—the absolute deal breakers. In my opinion, making a list of qualities you want in a man is like making a grocery shopping list without having a recipe for what you want to cook. Let’s see, I’ll buy onions, pickles, tomato sauce, chocolate chips, eggs, Tabasco, and cottage cheese. I like all of those foods, BUT if I threw them all together in a pan and baked it in the oven, I doubt anyone would want to eat it! Let me clarify what I’m saying with the following examples of a good man-list gone bad when it comes to the relationship recipe. (more…)