by Deb Garraway
March 26, 2010

How Not To Get A Guy

Bad boys can be bad for your emotional health

OMG! Not another big news story about a cheating celebrity!

However, I have to comment on this Huffington Post article titled So What Part of Bad Boy Was Unclear Sandra Dear?
The male author of this article doesn’t show much sympathy for Sandra Bullock in her choice of men and refers to her, Jennifer Anniston, and Elin Woods as smart, decent women with lots of options. He condescendingly goes on to say “To think that somehow you, my dear reader, are better than those ladies and would never fall into the same trap is …a mistake…i.e. the notion that bad stuff only happens to other people.” He proceeds to offer seven tips to spot and avoid bad boys, some of which make sense, and others which I don’t necessarily accept as good indicators of a bad boy. (more…)

by Deb Garraway
March 19, 2010

Do You Find True Love or Let It Find You?

When I hear a girlfriend or client say she wants to find true love, I dig deeper into what she means by true love.

The phrase means many things to each woman, but what comes up most often is that she wants to be loved unconditionally and accepted for who she is. And she wants it to be lasting. Sometimes she’ll ask whether she should be out looking to find true love or should she be waiting for it to find her. My answer is that it’s both. (more…)