What The Love Of My Life Taught Me

the love of your life really is out there

The love of my life turned out to be so much more than I expected in a dream man.

Before meeting him, what I didn’t realize is that the right man can inspire you in ways you couldn’t imagine before. Since all of my previous relationships had been full of drama of one kind or another, the qualities I dreamed about for my ideal partner were more around wanting laughter, mutual respect, and most of all harmony.

While I’m productive, solution-oriented and somewhat of a perfectionist, I’ve always believed I’m easy to get along with, fun-loving, and not easily angered. My goal is generally to look for the positive in most everything and to immediately go to problem-solving and to avoid drama. In my heart I believed there was a matching man out there with a complementary personality. I decided I would no longer settle for one who prefers negativity and emotional chaos. That desire was firmly seated in my heart and became the most important priority in qualities I wanted for the love of my life. I was determined not to settle for less, and I finally got exactly what I wanted.

One of the things that plays a large role my self-power coaching is helping women recognize how debilitating relationship problems can be.

A troubled relationship preoccupies our thoughts and actions, undermines our self-esteem, and often keeps us trapped in a cycle of drama. But more than anything, this preoccupation limits our capacity to evolve and prevents us from expressing or reaching our full potential.

Imagine how much energy and attention is wasted thinking and talking about problems; imagine that same energy redirected to creative and joyful self-expression. I learned first hand from the love of my life the incredible difference having a supportive and harmonious partnership can make in my own personal growth. I now see the greater significance, in that it allowed a space for me to blossom into all I’m meant to be and to experience. I can’t imagine ever going back to a relationship that constricts my personal development and limits the extraordinary experiences life has to offer. That is so last millennium!

When you’re trapped in a pattern of drama, it’s like spinning in a clothes dryer in a repetitive cycle. You don’t allow yourself a chance to break out and explore more of who you are and can be, what your purpose is for being on earth, and how you can experience more joy in your life.

Do Love and Life Differently: Drama is the greatest detractor from discovering who you are.

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