Man of My Dreams Defined

by Deb Garraway
April 16, 2011

The Man Of My Dreams Was Not Who I Expected

This morning on the wooded trail I walk every morning, I became enthralled with the variety of types of trees along the way and how much trees are like a metaphor for human beings.

Many trees were beginning to leaf and some even were blooming. Some stood tall, rich in color with perfect symmetry, while others had twisted trunks, knot holes, bulbous nodules and leafless, contorted branches. Some looked barely alive and others were thriving and vibrant, with many in between birth and demise. It dawned on me that the beauty of the trail is in its diversity of the many unique trees. Regardless of the array of shapes, sizes, colors, and varying degrees of well-being, each is exquisite and plays a role in bringing the trail to life.

I realized my favorite trail would be rather dull if all the trees were alike and flawless. There was so much beauty in their differences and their flaws.


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by Deb Garraway
February 8, 2011

What The Love Of My Life Taught Me

the love of your life really is out there

The love of my life turned out to be so much more than I expected in a dream man.

Before meeting him, what I didn’t realize is that the right man can inspire you in ways you couldn’t imagine before. Since all of my previous relationships had been full of drama of one kind or another, the qualities I dreamed about for my ideal partner were more around wanting laughter, mutual respect, and most of all harmony.

While I’m productive, solution-oriented and somewhat of a perfectionist, I’ve always believed I’m easy to get along with, fun-loving, and not easily angered. My goal is generally to look for the positive in most everything and to immediately go to problem-solving and to avoid drama. In my heart I believed there was a matching man out there with a complementary personality. I decided I would no longer settle for one who prefers negativity and emotional chaos. That desire was firmly seated in my heart and became the most important priority in qualities I wanted for the love of my life. I was determined not to settle for less, and I finally got exactly what I wanted. (more…)

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by Deb Garraway
November 7, 2010

Your Story of the Man of My Dreams

The man of my dreams gets inspired by nature

Have you ever thought in terms of your story of the man of my dreams?

What I mean by your story is the way you actually imagine yourself living from day to day with your dream man.

Much more than just the qualities he possesses, have you thought through any of the following details? (more…)

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by Deb Garraway
September 7, 2010

Is the Man of My Dreams Just a Fantasy?

My dream man will also be my soulmate

We often refer to the man of my dreams, and yet I really wonder how many

women have actually figured out exactly what they mean by that phrase. How do you distinguish between the man of my dreams versus my fantasy illusion or perhaps someone you feel is really not possible to have? We’re not supposed to be too picky, right? Nobody’s perfect, right?

While those questions may be legitimate, it’s amazing to me that most women I’ve known believe that they’re not supposed to ask for, or expect too much, from the man with whom they’d like to spend the rest of their lives. Actually it’s not really that incredible, since I was one of those women fifteen years ago. (more…)

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by Deb Garraway
August 20, 2010

Visualize Him to Attract the Man of Your Dreams

The man of my dreams will get out of bed just to buy me ice cream

There’s a great article from the Chicago Tribune titled Day Dream Your Way to a Better Life discussing suggestions from Dr. David Burns’ book “Feeling Good”.

Dr. Burns says one of the most enjoyable and effective ways to improve your outlook and pull yourself out of the doldrums is to actually visualize a better life. He goes on to say, “When we read a story, we create a visual image of the characters and the situation. The great communicators use language to create mental images”. Burns recommends creating a dream board with photos and images of things you want to own, places you want to go, accomplishments you want to achieve, and even how you envision yourself in the future. See full article here

Numerous motivational and spiritual teachers speak passionately about the law of attraction and the power of intention in creating your life through focused thoughts and attention on what you desire. (more…)

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