Using Love Poetry

by Deb Garraway
March 1, 2011

The Oracle of Love Poetry

Love poetry and a picnic can be yours too

If you’ve never believed you get to choose your dream man, then you may not have given serious thought to how you go about it. If you wander around my blog, you’ll find lots of information on how to visualize your own dream man, which is one of the first steps to attracting him into your life for real. It all starts with clarity—figuring out exactly what qualities in a partner will be the best match for you.

Now you may think you already know what you want in your dream guy, and perhaps you do. But if the only guys you’ve ever dated are falling far short of your ideal, maybe you want to take another look at what those ideals really are. (more…)

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by Deb Garraway
August 14, 2010

Love Poetry Can Help You Gain Clarity

What kind of love poems would light my fire?

I realize not everyone enjoys reading poetry, though I find it inspiring and also useful.

Because poetry relies so much on metaphor and other forms of symbolic language, it can have a profound effect on people when they read it. Good poetry can force you to look at the world—and yourself—differently.
How you respond to various kinds of love poetry could tell you something about your deepest emotional needs and desires.

That’s why I recommend reading all sorts of love poetry from many different eras to see what sort of writing moves you. For example, in reading Elizabeth Barrett Browning, an English Victorian poet, you maybe surprised to realize you’re much more of a romantic than you thought. And perhaps you’d like your dream man to be a romantic sort too. (They do exist, trust me!) (more…)

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by Deb Garraway
August 2, 2010

Love Poetry to Get from Your Head to Your Heart

The man of your dreams is attracted to you from your heart

Begin by taking deep breaths, sinking into your heart with all of your consciousness. With every breath, open your heart, larger and larger and larger with every breath in. As you breathe in and your heart opens, feel yourself connecting to the All of God, the great ocean of Love, vibrant and alive, vast, yet tender. ~Unknown

I want to share with you what it means to get out of your head and into your heart.

This is really important when creating or manifesting anything in your life, including the man of your dreams. The first time a friend of mine said to me that I’m in my head a lot and should try to stay more in my heart, I was like, “Huh?” I had no clue what she meant, because I believed my mind held everything I needed to know. I believed that all of my thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, and intuition were processed in my mind, from which I could retrieve any answers I needed. To that point in my life, I’d been very successful in business and had attracted positive things into my life using my mind, so why would I need to be in my heart? And more important, how do I get there? (more…)

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