by Deb Garraway
August 30, 2010

A Love of My Life Romantic Fantasy

True love or a fantasy love of my life?

Currently I’m reading a romance mystery novel that contains an intriguing whodunit;

but on the romantic side, it’s the same old common storyline that I’m sure you’ll recognize from novels, TV and movies. It’s about a single woman reporter who tracks down a key witness to a murder, and on arrival to his home located on a secluded ranch, she finds it unlocked with no sign of the man. Hours go by, so she decides to wait for him and falls asleep on his sofa. She’s awakened with a shotgun pointed at her by the surprised witness, who just happens to be a ruggedly handsome brute. He’s angry at her intrusion, and after a few minutes of bantering, he decides to frighten her away by stripping naked, forcing her against a wall, fondling her breasts and brutally kissing her. She can’t resist his masculine force (not to mention his ripped body), and within seconds they’re in bed in fiery copulation that she’s never experienced before. After sex, they resume their heated battle of the wits; but in the end, he becomes her soulmate. (more…)

by Deb Garraway
August 26, 2010

Don’t Make Excuses for Mr. Right

Is he Mr. Right or my excuse for Mr. Right Now?

When we want so much for a guy to be Mr. Right, sometimes our glasses are too rose-colored.

In those romantic moments he seems to be everything you could ever imagine and, oh, the titillating thrill of his touch. He’s so attentive, open and always compliments you. Your head’s whirling, your heart’s racing and pounding, and you can’t stop thinking about him. You can’t wait to see him again and Ohmigosh, the phone’s ringing: Let it please be him! Those glasses get rosier.

Mr. Right seems like Mr. Perfect and you’re inspired to do everything possible to ensure he stays hot and enthralled with you. It feels like you’re falling in love. (more…)

by Deb Garraway
August 23, 2010

Not How to Attract Men for the Long Term

They know how to attract men but does romance last?

Okay, I admit it. I watch some reality TV shows–especially the ones related to dating and matchmaking since I’m doing research for my work. LOL! That’s a great excuse.

The newest show is a Bachelor-Bachelorette spin-off called The Bachelor Pad. This is a great show to teach women what not to do if they want to know how to attract men –unless they’re looking for a short-term fling. The premise of the show is that each week the men get to vote off a woman and the women vote off a man. Game contests are held for men and women to compete against one another, and the last one standing at the end of the season wins $250,000. Obviously, there’s a lot of drama and strategy involved to ensure you don’t get booted off the show.

But the other added component is romance, some serious and some for manipulative reasons. I was stunned when I saw Elizabeth crying her eyes out last week over Jesse who (more…)

by Deb Garraway
August 21, 2010

How to Get a Guy Without Being a Bitch

Is this how to get a guy to love you?

Pardon my French, but I’m referring to media and books such as best-seller “Why Men Marry Bitches:

A Woman’s Guide to Winning Her Man’s Heart” by Sherry Argov.
It’s a great marketing title but does reinforce the outdated cliché that assertive men are considered strong while assertive women are called bitches. This book offers some good dating advice, but the problem I have with it is that it’s written from the perspective of a woman needing to win a man’s heart– as if it’s a contest. I’ve said this before but it’s worth repeating: women should never pursue a man to win his heart, convince him you’re the one, or pressure him to marry you. This strategy for how to get a guy to want you only works temporarily. The real you will eventually show up, and the game will be over with ensuing problems, losing yourself or losing the guy. (more…)

by Deb Garraway
August 20, 2010

Visualize Him to Attract the Man of Your Dreams

The man of my dreams will get out of bed just to buy me ice cream

There’s a great article from the Chicago Tribune titled Day Dream Your Way to a Better Life discussing suggestions from Dr. David Burns’ book “Feeling Good”.

Dr. Burns says one of the most enjoyable and effective ways to improve your outlook and pull yourself out of the doldrums is to actually visualize a better life. He goes on to say, “When we read a story, we create a visual image of the characters and the situation. The great communicators use language to create mental images”. Burns recommends creating a dream board with photos and images of things you want to own, places you want to go, accomplishments you want to achieve, and even how you envision yourself in the future. See full article here

Numerous motivational and spiritual teachers speak passionately about the law of attraction and the power of intention in creating your life through focused thoughts and attention on what you desire. (more…)

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