Find True Love By Calling In The One

Every once in a while I run across a great book that I want to share with my friends and clients. Calling in the One: 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life, by Katherine Woodward Thomas, is one of those books that truly resonate with my beliefs about how you find true love that is lasting. Thomas’s seven-week program includes powerful exercises and practices that help you recognize negative patterns in yourself and release emotional blocks and wounds that stand in the way of attracting and being receptive to your soul mate.

Her premise is that you need to discover and heal all the ways that you’re keeping yourself from finding true love. She challenges you to take full responsibility for having created all of the circumstances of your life through the Law of Attraction. In alignment with this law that says like attracts like, Thomas suggests that in order to attract someone wonderful, you must be someone wonderful who believes she deserves to have the man of her dreams.

She addresses other important issues, such as setting intentions, giving and being open to receive love, overcoming fears, and the practice of visioning, which she describes as a spiritual process with our higher consciousness. When we create a vision of what we want and cultivate a sense of what it feels like to have it in our lives, she believes (as I do) that we can manifest what we want in our lives.

I can relate to her candid and personal revelations of her own past pain, judgments, and self-esteem issues in her quest to attract The One. Even more so, I appreciate our mutual perspective of the new paradigm of partnering having to do with fulfilling our destiny and experiencing our full potential. In what she calls spiritual partnership, the implication is the goal of encouraging and supporting the unfolding of each other’s purpose for being here on earth.

Mind you this book is not for those who aren’t willing to look at themselves honestly and put in time and some work.

As they say, no pain, no gain—but it’s often more painful for single women to remain confused or at a loss about the reasons they don’t have a man in their lives.

Thomas and I have the same goal to help women attract their ideal partner and true love, and I found Calling in the One to be a wonderful complementary resource to my book, Choose Him as well as my Online Story Creator. We both offer unique tools that assist women in manifesting their dreams through the Law of Attraction. I’ve always believed it takes a village of collaborative women to support each other in personal growth and evolving to our highest potential.

Do love and life differently: Combine aspects and ideas from several resources to find true love by following the parts that resonate and feel right for you. Talk about synergistic creation!

What are your experiences with the Law of Attraction? I love to hear about them below.

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