Find True Love Who’s Playing for Keeps

Oh geez, sorry. I didn't find true love with you.

Here I go again, but I’m hopelessly addicted to the wacky The Bachelor/ Bachelorette TV show.

The latest is they’re bringing back the much-bashed bachelor, Brad Womack. If you’re a fan, you may remember the Texas bar owner hottie from two years ago. He shocked America by breaking the hearts of the last two women remaining in the finale and rejected them both!

I couldn’t believe the public’s reaction, calling him the most hated man in America. He literally had to stop dating and go into virtual hiding to avoid the humiliating lambasting. However, today he claims he’ll definitely find a wife on the show. Talk about pressure to perform — is this any way to find true love? Can’t wait to find out!

Actually, I’m one of the relatively few women who thought he was right not to choose one of the two women just for the sake of the show’s premise that you can find true love on TV. He was honest and brave, although he admits leading on the two women during the show.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette is one of the chick shows my husband watches with me. We have fun critiquing the drama among the contestants vying to be chosen. He’ll often tape the show for me and occasionally even watches alone when I’m out of town; that way he can give me an instant telephone report on events of the night. Sorry if this is “TMI” (too much information) honey!

I’m so lucky to get a man who’s not only rugged and masculine, but who’s also willing to do things just to make me happy.
Now, that’s the kind of true love I want. It doesn’t get any better than that for me!

Do Love and Life Differently: A good sign of his true love is when he’s doing things just to make you happy. It works both ways.

Do you ever find yourself on the giving end more than the receiving end in a relationship? Please comment below.

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