How to Attract Men by Stripping in the Street

I've got dibbs on him!

You bet it's how to attract men!

And women think they have a hard time finding a man in this country!

Can you imagine women stripping in the streets to attract a husband? Well, it’s true based on this article recently published in the online magazineBeyond Jane, titled “Unmarried Chinese Women Storm The Streets Nude to Attract Potential Suitors”. Read more

Apparently due to the extreme shortage of marriageable men and the pressure placed on women by their parents to marry, about 80 women stripped to their panties and bras in a procession on the streets. Many carried signs reading that they were looking for men to marry. Did I miss a new trend in how to attract men?

While it’s almost laughable desperation, it appears these women, calling themselves the “Crazy Beauties,” believe it’s pure necessity. It looks like the gender imbalances in China is taking its toll due to the one-child policy that’s making men “scarce commodities” compared to the women population. Obviously, their semi-naked presence worked well to attract men in the thousands. I wonder what was going on in the minds of men and can only imagine there must have been some excitement, as well as some fear of these desperate wannabe wives.

It would be interesting to know if these women are primarily driven to find a man due to parental pressure, or is it their own belief that they must marry to have children, be happy, or survive?

Do Love & Life Differently: Um….yeah. Reverting to behavior reminiscent of centuries long past is not the way to attract men who’ll last a lifetime in the 21st century.

What do you think is going on in the minds of the women and men? Please comment

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