How to Attract Men With Affirmations

We've still got what it takes to attract men!

While I’m not a big fan of repetitive affirmations without connecting them to your heartfelt feelings,

Jessica, the little girl in this video sure can teach us some lessons about how to attract men using affirmations. You’ve got to see this one.

What I love about the lesson for a lot of us women is that Jessica uses her entire body, movement, expressions, voice, and energy to bolster what she loves in herself and her life.

I’ve read that it helps to reinforce beliefs and changes desired in ourselves by incorporating body movement such as working out or dancing simultaneously with words or affirmations. I bet singing the words adds an extra boost as well. The key is to connect the affirmation with feelings of already having the things you want to have or to be. The thing I do know is that when we have positive beliefs about ourselves and what’s possible in our lives, we create attraction energy that works like a magnet to bring us what we want.

This littlebundle of fire inspired me to write out some affirmations for how to attract men who resonate with, and are magnetized to, our positive qualities and the life we love, especially us maturing women. Of course you can make up your own too:

• I love myself. I love all of me.
• I love my wrinkles expressing my womanly wisdom.
• I love my thick thighs and wide hips that delivered
beautiful children into the world.
• I love my voluptuous body and fleshy arms that warmly
hug and cuddle loved ones.
• I love my inner beauty and grace
• I love my beautiful, cozy home that’s full of things I love
• I love my dog/cat who loves me unconditionally
• I can have anything I want
• I will have the man of my dreams
• I’m great and I’m lovable
• I’m the perfect partner the love of my life has been
waiting for
• And so on…..

Do Love and Life Differently: Make a list of all the things you love about you and your life and create your own joyful, energetic, heartfelt affirmation cheer. Then look out for who shows up.

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