How to Attract Men with Your Personal Brand

We hear a lot about branding these days, primarily when talking about companies marketing products—Toyota, Kellogg’s, Verizon.

You recognize those names and have an idea of the kind of company, product quality and service standards, because they’ve created a brand. Simply put, the brand tells the consumer that what you see is what you get, and you can count on the product to do what they say it will do. And if it doesn’t, here’s how it will be resolved, and here’s why you should trust them. So have you ever thought of making yourself a brand? And what makes having a personal brand improve your awareness of how to attract men?

In my opinion here’s what a personal brand might include:

• Who you are, what you love, what you care about

• What you stand for and how you function in your daily life (i.e. your core values: honesty, integrity, education, non-judgmental, generosity, individual rights, respect for others, strong work ethic, having a good time, cultural values, spiritual faith, etc.)

• How you want to be perceived by others—friends, business associates, family or your romantic partner (intelligent, authentic, generous, honest, fun, creative, easygoing, reliable, a leader, powerful, productive, etc.)

• What you want others to know about you (you’re an artist, writer, performer; you want to teach, be become a nun, be a healer, etc.)

• What your goals are and your preferred lifestyle (adventure, wealth, fame, simplicity, seclusion, solitude, family, community involvement, change the world, etc.)

• What you would want people to say about you at your funeral and who you’d like to be there. Yeah, I’m serious.

I believe that when you know the answers to the above questions, you’ll know the essence of your being, and you’ll have a solid foundation from which you live your life. They’re your fundamental beliefs and standards. It’s important to know these things about yourself in order to be authentic and to be able to make choices and decisions from a place of clarity, self-knowledge, and commitment to your goals. You may have heard the saying that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Once you’re clear about who you are, what you stand for, believe in, care about, and what you want in your life—then you’ve established your brand. And you’re living an intentional life instead of a happenstance life.

You’re authentic and send a clear signal out to the world

about who you are in your essence and core being—in other words, the foundation of who you are and how you operate in the world. When you have this same clarity about the man and the relationship you desire, that’s how to attract men who resonate with the true you, and that’s how you’ll draw a man to you who’s your ideal partner.

About 25 years ago I listened to self-help audio tapes called The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz. These tapes were life changing because they taught me how to literally change myself. The basic premise is that you not only must have a clear vision of what you want to have or to be (and ignore everything about what you don’t want or what you only think is possible) you must then make a decision to make a fundamental change in yourself. Positive thinking, will power, and affirmations will not cause this change in you. This is why many people don’t understand why their visions or dreams don’t come true with repetitive positive thoughts and wishes. I learned that you have to make a fundamental choice in how you want to change yourself and your life and then consciously act in that manner when no one is watching.

For example, I had decided that I stand for integrity. At one time, when I had an opportunity to be unfaithful to my boyfriend with a tempting proposition from a very attractive man, I could’ve easily gotten away with cheating. However, my fundamental choice and commitment to myself is that I stand for integrity and honor my relationships, so my temptation was instinctively dissolved by my foundational standards. It wasn’t because I was afraid of being caught or even because I dislike lying, but because it’s a standard I’ve set for myself for my own self-respect. If I violated that standard, I would have chipped away at my own personal power which wasn’t worth it to me.

A fundamental choice is one that comes from the very core of your being. It’s a decision that I sometimes call a “do or die”—a little dramatic, but it makes my point that I must do this as if my life depended on it. The creative force you initiate from this definitive choice will set unseen, effortless energy into motion and will guide and propel you to create and attract everything you desire. Everything will flow naturally; opportunities will arise and lead you to the man of your dreams.

Do Love and Life Differently: The manifestation of our dreams and desires requires a personal vow to make a definitive, deep-seated choice to actually have them.

Can you think of a time when you made a fundamental, life-changing choice? How did it work out for you?

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