How To Get A Man Without Drama

For women wanting dating advice, I want to recommend checking out Paige Parker is right on in her guidance about how to get a man without all the drama. In fact, she asserts that you can’t get a man and a fulfilling relationship WITH drama.

I signed up for her newsletter a couple of months ago and also listened to a CD in which Parker interviews five men about their perspectives on women and why men do some of the things they do. It was very insightful. While I’m a self-power coach who helps women to realize their personal power in relationships, dating advice is not my specialty.

Since many women want to know more about dating practices and what men think,

I was hoping to find someone whose work I respect to refer my clients. Her newsletter usually includes stories and questions from clients about relationship situations or dating experiences. I have to say I’m very impressed with Parker’s practical, rational, and downright knowledgeable advice. She doesn’t promote playing games or pretending to be someone you’re not. In fact, she encourages being authentic. Her perspectives and suggestions reflect those of an empowered woman who is clear about what she wants, knows she deserves it, and is patient until she gets it. This is how to get a man and relationship that is lasting and fulfilling.

I can personally relate to many of the experiences she writes about, since I have coached and interviewed numerous women who’ve encountered similar dating and relationship issues. Parker also offers an eBook called Dating Without Drama on her website. If it’s as informative and intelligent as her Dating Dish Newsletter, then it should be very helpful to women who want solid relationship and dating advice.

Do love and life differently: It’s useful to know what men think about women but much more important to know what your expectations are and when to walk away from drama.

What’s your story? How do you feel about drama in relationships? I’d love to hear from you below.


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