Love Poetry Then and Now

I choose you as the man of my dreams

A poetic bug bit me today and reminded me of the way romance and partnering has changed over the past 50 years.

Bear with me as I have a little fun with my own version of love poetry describing the past versus the present. 

Sometimes even corny love poetry speaks louder than spoken words can express. Hopefully mine does!

Look of Love Past

Strict roles, rules and resistance to change
She’s to be chosen while he holds the reins
With superior command over her submissive identity
She’s veiled beneath her entitled femininity

Survival for her through powers unexpressed
Oh pray, she’s surprised with a ring in her quest
Her purpose and passion to be desired by a man
Leads to extremes beyond which men could withstand

Her beauty, pursuits and beguiling ruses
Ensure she’ll be the one he chooses
She promises forever to honor and obey
Her personal dreams she must allay

Then how love changes as time goes by
Was it true love or a rueful lie?
What happened to the promised eternal love
Certain to be guided from heaven above

What once was joy from his adoring kiss
Superseded by reality and shriveling bliss
She queries herself where she must have failed
As the romantic illusion becomes unveiled
~deb garraway

Look of Love Present

Individual expression and open to change
Chosen by each other and both hold the reins
Shared roles, rules and equal identity
She’s free to express her true femininity

Survival no longer among deceptive schemes
Now she can choose the man of her dreams
Purpose and passion exceed desires for a man
Her limits expand beyond what some understand

Her inner beauty, pursuits and enticing appeal
Mean more to her man than her cleavage reveals
No longer a prince but a true partner divined
Mutual trust, honor and balance in mind

Yes, again love changes as time goes by
With respect and true love, not a rueful lie
Then lasting love has a remarkable chance
Far better than fantasies and happenstance

What once was joy from his adoring kiss
Now fused with reality and contented bliss
She’s confident in the ways she’s prevailed
As her true essence of womanhood is unveiled
~deb garraway

Do Love and Life Differently: The present is now and it’s time to Choose Him.

How do you think love and romance has changed in the past 50 years? Please comment below.

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