Love Poetry to Get from Your Head to Your Heart

The man of your dreams is attracted to you from your heart

Begin by taking deep breaths, sinking into your heart with all of your consciousness. With every breath, open your heart, larger and larger and larger with every breath in. As you breathe in and your heart opens, feel yourself connecting to the All of God, the great ocean of Love, vibrant and alive, vast, yet tender. ~Unknown

I want to share with you what it means to get out of your head and into your heart.

This is really important when creating or manifesting anything in your life, including the man of your dreams. The first time a friend of mine said to me that I’m in my head a lot and should try to stay more in my heart, I was like, “Huh?” I had no clue what she meant, because I believed my mind held everything I needed to know. I believed that all of my thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, and intuition were processed in my mind, from which I could retrieve any answers I needed. To that point in my life, I’d been very successful in business and had attracted positive things into my life using my mind, so why would I need to be in my heart? And more important, how do I get there?

You’re in your head if you’re:

• appraising, judging, or placing your attention on something
• thinking, reasoning and solving problems
• following steps to get to an answer or result
• making assumptions and conclusions based on facts and data
• looking at parts instead of the whole, which fractures your
• having ideas that lead to drama and extreme measures,
• experiencing blame, aggression or defensiveness
• arriving at your truth through logic and rationale

You’re in your heart if you’re:

• in your body, fully present and in conscious peace
• intentionally accessing positive emotions and are open
and receptive to all possibilities
• having thoughts that are holistic, clear and coherent
• conscious and in alignment with a unified field of
intelligence that is far beyond your individual mind’s capabilities
• calm, non-reactive and contemplative
• enjoying thoughts that lead to compassion, tolerance,
patience and faith
• arriving at your truth through your intuition—a connection
to a greater intelligence that “feels” true

The above was extracted from a good friend’s audio program, where you can find out more about how to move from your head to your heart.

I’ve found a unique way to move into my heart.

Many times when I feel deep emotion, such as: ecstatic joy, love, gratitude, or sadness, I write a poem. I love poetry and the little bit I write is usually pretty corny, but it gives me a way to connect emotionally and honor people in my life through creating a poem about them. I’ve been able to express love, respect and appreciation through poetry, which seems so much more meaningful than just saying it directly to them. I wanted something tangible they could read and always remember how I felt about them as well as know that I do “see” them. It’s only in the past few years I realized that for me writing love poetry was the way I got out of my head and into my heart.

Like so many of us, I’m a victim of our culture

—which has become very left-brain directed the past 50+ years with our focus on technology and the information age. Our mantra has become “knowledge is power” and many of us women want some of that power, which in the past has primarily been held by men. However, the backlash in our lives from emphasizing factual data and analysis is a loss of connection with our feelings, intuition and the wisdom of our hearts.

We assume our minds will guide us to clarity with logic, but we have it reversed. Our feelings should be guiding our minds in our decision-making process. I think of our minds as data processing centers where experiences and information are stored that robotically tell us how to react to external situations and people. For example: don’t put your hand on the hot stove burner again; or never trust men who don’t get along with their mothers; or feeling an unconscious attraction to older men who can take the place of an absentee father, etc.

Our feelings act as our internal guidance system; they clue us in that something is really in sync or out of whack. Feelings connect us to our hearts and inform our experience of life. They are the key to unlocking our authenticity and bringing us everything we desire.

Do Love and Life Differently: Only through accessing your authentic, deepest feelings can you create an accurate picture of the partner you really want and attract him into your life

I’m curious, how do you get into your heart? I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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