Is the Man of My Dreams Just a Fantasy?

My dream man will also be my soulmate

We often refer to the man of my dreams, and yet I really wonder how many

women have actually figured out exactly what they mean by that phrase. How do you distinguish between the man of my dreams versus my fantasy illusion or perhaps someone you feel is really not possible to have? We’re not supposed to be too picky, right? Nobody’s perfect, right?

While those questions may be legitimate, it’s amazing to me that most women I’ve known believe that they’re not supposed to ask for, or expect too much, from the man with whom they’d like to spend the rest of their lives. Actually it’s not really that incredible, since I was one of those women fifteen years ago.I was led to believe that compromise was to be expected, and basically finding a man with good qualities, great chemistry and a good job were enough to be the foundation for a strong relationship. Common platitudes I heard were, “relationships are not easy, so you just have to expect to take the good with the bad;”and therefore, accept that you’re not going to get everything you want in a man and partnership. Yuck! That’s such a negative way to approach finding the man of your dreams. Modern women no longer have to make great compromises in partnering, or worse, settle.

Back to the difference between the man of your dreams and a fantasy illusion: the former is your vision of how you want to feel and relate with him in the realities of day-to-day life interactions, such as your compatibility in the ways you communicate, handle conflict and navigate the highs and lows of life. A fantasy illusion is a vision (most often subconscious) of a man who rescues you from your current life, heals your childhood or past relationship wounds, or who provides a perpetual romantic high. None of those expectations are realistic or lasting long term with a man, or for that matter, anyone.

But, it’s really a good thing to dream big about what you truly want in your man and relationship.

Expand your man list through visualizing various, common life situations.

Envision how you want to be treated in front of friends and business associates; how you want to participate in financial matters; the way he relates to his family and yours; how he feels about your work, your schedule, and how you feel about his. How does he feel about children, your lifestyle preferences, activities, home responsibilities…and so on.

Until you visualize and become clear about the true life you want, it will be difficult to attract the right man for you. With in-depth clarity, you’ll naturally prioritize the most important qualities in the man you want, and more important, the life you want. There’s no need to worry about too many specifics causing you to become too picky or to be so rigidly defined that you miss the right guy. These details create the feelings you desire to have with him and in your life, which initiates your attraction factor to draw the man of your dreams to you. It’s all about the law of attraction, which is real and exactly how you get what you want AND what you don’t want if you’re not clear.That’s why I designed my Dream Man Story Creator to help women visualize from their feelings and create their own love story that ignites the law of attraction.

Do Love and Life Differently: Dream big about what’s real and important to you long term and leave fantasies to fairy tales.

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