by Deb Garraway
April 12, 2010

How to Get a Man by Getting Real

Authenticity IS the new sexy!

Today we hear the word “authentic” used a lot.

Just about everyone I know thinks they’re authentic—you know, real, genuine, I am who I am, etc. I always thought I was authentic because I’m light-hearted, kind, down-to-earth, want to see the best in everyone, really like people, and most people seem to like me. Plus, I love sharing, problem solving, and helping others. Doesn’t that sound authentic?

Well, it turns out I was deluding myself by thinking that all these wonderful things made me authentic. I’ve learned over many years of working on self-improvement and personal growth that most of us are not being authentic or true to ourselves at all. Real authenticity is when your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions are in alignment and you don’t confuse yourself and others with mixed messages and energy. When you’re consistent in your expression, you know what you stand for and you’re more centered, calm, and clear. You’re able to speak your mind and let others know how you feel and what you want.


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