Your Story of the Man of My Dreams

The man of my dreams gets inspired by nature

Have you ever thought in terms of your story of the man of my dreams?

What I mean by your story is the way you actually imagine yourself living from day to day with your dream man.

Much more than just the qualities he possesses, have you thought through any of the following details?

• your lifestyle and activities you do together and individually
• how much freedom and space you need personally
• where you want to live and what your home would be like
• how you interact with each other on a daily basis
• what you expect your relationship with friends and families
would be
• how he would relate to children in his life
• how does he perceive your work or not working
• how do you travel together
• his political and world views
• how would you expect him to speak about you and treat you
with others
• how you would handle disagreements and upsets

These are just a few of the numerous issues involved in a relationship. It was easy for me to make a list of qualities of the man of my dreams, but a list simply didn’t connect with my heart’s true desires. Consequently, I often got confused about my priorities and tended to test the waters with men who turned out to be a waste of time and far from the man of my dreams. When I finally wrote out the story of my ideal partner and what my life would be like with him, it genuinely tapped into my true core needs and desires. I could actually see and feel myself living my dream life with my dream man. Only then did I meet him, and we’re living happily ever after, fourteen years and going strong.

My successful experience in attracting the man of my dreams inspired me to help women write their own stories. I’ve designed a Story Creator template to guide you through all of the above bullet points and many more; then it automatically writes your story for you using your own words. Once you’re clear and open your heart to what you truly want, you’ll be amazed how empowered you’ll feel. He will show up.

Do Love and Life Differently: Take yourself out of your head and into your heart to attract your dream man by writing the story of your love life.

Please comment below about your own experience.

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