Don’t Make Excuses for Mr. Right

Is he Mr. Right or my excuse for Mr. Right Now?

When we want so much for a guy to be Mr. Right, sometimes our glasses are too rose-colored.

In those romantic moments he seems to be everything you could ever imagine and, oh, the titillating thrill of his touch. He’s so attentive, open and always compliments you. Your head’s whirling, your heart’s racing and pounding, and you can’t stop thinking about him. You can’t wait to see him again and Ohmigosh, the phone’s ringing: Let it please be him! Those glasses get rosier.

Mr. Right seems like Mr. Perfect and you’re inspired to do everything possible to ensure he stays hot and enthralled with you. It feels like you’re falling in love.

As time goes by, you begin to ask yourself questions and then answer them with his or your own excuses:

He says he really cares, but why hasn’t he called?
Well, he’s working out of town a lot more often; he has a
very demanding job you know.

Why does he constantly crook his neck to look at every woman who passes by?
He’s just one of those guys who love to flirt and adore women from afar, but I know he’s very loyal.

Why did he break our plans at the last minute?
Oh, he had an emergency with a buddy whose car broke down, and he really needed to help him out. He’s certain I would understand.

What’s happened? He used to be so affectionate and talkative.
He told me he’s really down because his ex is hassling him about spending more time with the kids.

He seems to be pulling back from me.
Well, I know he’s got problems at work and his mind is preoccupied… or he didn’t get the big contract he was counting on… or he’s depressed because he’s not really living his dream to play the guitar in a band…


But you keep hoping things will get better –the way they used to be– once he commits to you. Those glasses are now red to hide your sad eyes and tears.

While Mr. Right is doing everything wrong, do you still make excuses for him or try to be soooo understanding of his problems? Or do you get angry hoping he’ll bend over backwards to kiss and make up, and all will be forgiven until the next time? The signals he’s sending are blaring loud and clear that he’s not as interested as you’d hoped, and he’s not respecting your feelings or your time. He’s giving you big clues that he’s not Mr. Right for you. If you keep making excuses for him, he’s destined to break your heart. It’s time to say bub-bye.

Do Love and Life Differently: If Mr. Right doesn’t treat you as respectfully as a good friend would, it’s time to remove the rose-colored glasses so you can see the writing on the wall.

Do you ever find yourself making excuses for men because you don’t want to let go of the hope that he’ll change for the better? Please comment on your experience below.

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