Find True Love by Chance or Choice

This is no way to find true love

“You can live by chance or choice. It’s really up to you.”~Anonymous

I really do love this quote.  I wonder how many people believe they have choices in what happens in their lives.

 How many believe life just happens, and they have no control over events?  To me, this is a victim mentality that causes people who think they have no influence to continue to create or allow situations in which they can remain victims.  This sounds pretty cold-blooded, but it’s true and I’ve personally experienced this at times in my own life.  It’s so much easier to blame others for things going awry in our personal lives. 

I know how difficult it is to recognize that we create everything that happens to us in our lives, as well as what doesn’t happen to us. In other words, we can create situations where we don’t get what we really want. My philosophy is that I want to live and die by my own sword, as the saying goes; meaning I can accept what happens to me—good or bad—as long as I’ve made a conscious choice.

This philosophy also applies to our ability to find true love. Because we’ve been conditioned to believe that finding true love is a happenstance event or chance occurrence, some people believe they have no influence in bringing it about.  This is a fairytale fantasy; and for those who believe this, you’re setting up a roadblock to attracting the man and life you want.  You must be clear and specific about not only the list of qualities in a man, but also your relationship AND the life you want to live with him.  Then you’re sending a clear and undeniable signal into the world that spells out exactly what you want.  That is how magnetism works.  When your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions are in alignment, you generate laser-like magnetic energy to attract him to you.

I’ve designed a very cool interactive visioning tool to help you find true love by defining what you want in a man and your life with him.  It’s called my Online Story Creator that shows you phrases and optional answers in all the aspects of a man and your relationship; and best of all, it creates a personalized love story about the two of you and your life together.

Do Love and Life Differently: Find true love by choice, in a clear and intentional way, and leave chance to Vegas.

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