Mr. Right Can Feel Your Energy

Oh wow! This one's gotta be my Mr. Right

So here’s one of the problems we women experience in our quest for Mr. Right.

When you meet a man who seems to be perfect for you (and you for him), have you noticed what happens to your energy? What I mean by your energy is literally the way your body vibrates and the signals it’s sending out into the ethers. Others feel the vibration and interpret the signals even if words haven’t been exchanged. For many of us, that energy runs so high and fast that it takes on a life of its own–which is something we don’t want to happen! Here’s why.

Out of Control

When your energy gets “out of control”, it usually means your mind has taken over and is dictating a romantic fantasy story to your body. The story may be telling you that this must be him – the one. It’s saying, “…otherwise, this wouldn’t feel so perfect, and there wouldn’t be so many commonalities and synchronicities between us. This is so different from anything I’ve ever experienced before. He’s got to be Mr. Right.” Your body interprets the story as the truth and can’t help but generate energy reflecting its belief. Your energy begins to speak to Mr. Right loud and clear saying: “This has got to be HIM!”

What do you think happens to Mr. Right when he feels your energy squealing this message to him? Well, his mind takes over and begins dictating a story to his body. It goes something like: “Geez, she wants to dominate my entire life; I’ll have to call her every day or she’ll be ticked off; I’ll start to feel obligated to be with her every weekend; I’ll never see my buddies again. She’s trying to trap me.”

He begins to wonder how desperate you must be to jump in so quickly. You’ve scared him to death. He starts to freak out and back away.

Mr. Right Sequel

Then your energy starts to dictate a sequel story to the This Must Be Mr. Right series. It tells you, “Oh, he’s just scared that he’s falling for me; he must see how happy we’d be together; or maybe…oh no… he’s still hung up on his old girlfriend. Well, I’m just going to have to let him know that I’m not going to wait around for him to make up his mind about committing to me!”

You can see how energy responds to energy and your story responds to his story – often with very few words being said. This energetic exchange will make both of you crazy, so it’s important to manage your energy and not let it get out of control.

Do Love and Life Differently: Just take one day at a time, see what’s really happening between you and your Mr. Right, and stay out of your story-telling mind!

What’s your experience been with your energy? Have you been conscious of when it’s out of control? I’d like to hear your comments below.

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