Prune the Past to Find True Love

Pinch back to find true love

This morning my husband and I were working in the garden, and he asked me why my potted petunias were especially beautiful this year.

They’re fuller, more vibrant and healthier than we’ve ever seen them. I told him I finally realized I was supposed to pinch back the dried out and dead blossoms to allow the new ones to grow and flourish. We talked about our many rose bushes that are regularly pruned by the gardener, and occasionally my husband gets pleasure from pruning and later seeing more luscious roses appear. He then mentioned he’s curious if I believe there’s a metaphorical meaning about pruning related to people and to life.

As I thought about it, I told him I believe pruning is symbolic of the cycle of life, where the old die and babies are born to grow and age to carry on life. Everything living eventually dies to prepare for the new to arrive, hopefully advancing our personal lives and our culture. Then it occurred to me that the same applies to letting go of old romantic relationships to make room to find true love.

We’ve all heard that you have to close one door completely in order to allow space for something or someone new to come into your life.

It’s a nice cliché, but when you’re distraught about a lost love or never being able to find true love,you’re probably thinking yeah, right.

Sometimes we believe if we hold onto that memory, it will keep us from making the same mistakes in the future.

True love will bloom again

However, I’ve studied a lot about energy and how we often hold onto energetic patterns of thought and behavior when we get stuck in a belief or cling to someone or something from the past. I think of them as energy blocks that hold us hostage, repeating the same patterns until we let go completely—mentally, emotionally, physically—the whole nine yards.

If we don’t let go and free ourselves from attachment to the past, we feel drained of energy and retain subconscious, debilitating thoughts that negatively affect everything in our lives. It’s only when we recognize and acknowledge the pattern and commit to new thought patterns and beliefs that things start to change for the better.

Do Love and Life Differently: Take a look at your past romantic experiences to see where you may be blocking your path to find true love.

Can any of you relate to ways you’ve held onto the past and found that it hindered your moving forward? What needs pruning in your life?

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