by Deb Garraway
December 1, 2010

Self Power Tools for Talking With Mr. Right

Interesting....could you be Mr. Right?

When you first meet a man who’s attractive and appears to be a good candidate for your Mr. Right,it can be a bit

nerve-wracking to be a good conversationalist, show him who you are, and at the same time get to know him. It’s a very interesting dance you do and is somewhat like figuring out what song you want to dance to. This might be a stretch for comparison, but have you ever met a man at a nightclub where there’s music, and he comes up to you and asks you to dance? Then you tell him that you want to wait until there’s a good song? Maybe not, but I have; if I’m not feeling a song, it’s very hard for me to have fun dancing. However, if he was a gorgeous hunk, suddenly the song didn’t matter. Ha-ha! (more…)

by Deb Garraway
November 1, 2010

Love Poetry From a Phenomenal Woman

We deserve love poetry honoring ourselves

Today I want to talk about love of ourselves and all of the subtle ways that we express ourselves as women.

When we acknowledge and embrace our grace and beauty as a woman, men notice and appreciate that which we appreciate in ourselves. I cannot write it any better than described in Maya Angelou’s poem called Phenomenal Woman. Here’s a brief excerpt but the entire poem is worth reading at

by Deb Garraway
August 11, 2010

Self-Power Tools for How to Attract Men With Confidence

Do you have the confidence factor for how to attract men?

While the title of this post could go a couple of ways–

how to attract men who have confidence, OR how to attract men with your confidence, I’m talking about the latter—your confidence. It’s really hard to fake confidence, so how does one go about having confidence if you really don’t?

I remember one time I met this absolutely gorgeous guy at a party; then he called me for a date. He was so incredibly, strikingly handsome and sexy that I literally went mute when he picked me up. I mean I couldn’t get words out of my mouth—I just stared at him and thought you’re such a hunk of deliciousness that I just want to take a bite out of you! Of course that made me think that I must look like chopped liver compared to him. My confidence suddenly took a dive into never-never land, meaning I thought he’d never, never want to ask me out again. (more…)