by Deb Garraway
May 17, 2010

How To Find My Soulmate

Hey, I just finished reading The Soulmate Secret, an exceptional book by Arielle Ford, and felt it was worth recommending. Ford shares lessons and techniques she used in finding her soulmate who’s now her husband of 12 years. One of her premises is that you must prepare her body, mind, spirit, and home to attract your perfect life partner. Her book is laced with humor and other success stories, and she asserts that you must balance faith with action and make space for love to find you.

In her search for her soulmate, she candidly admits that there were three reasons he hadn’t appeared and she was blocking herself from love:

1. she didn’t believe she deserved a great relationship
2. she didn’t love herself
3. she had a lot of emotional baggage

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