The Love of My Life Ain’t A Hearts & Flowers Guy

The man of my dreams has swagger

Hm..Hm..Hm. Some of us sure love a rugged man.

You know, the kind of guy with a working man’s hands, doesn’t mind getting dirty, maybe a little on the wild side. Then there’s the guy who’s cool, intriguing with a bit of swagger about him; and don’t let me forget the unpredictable, untamed guy who marches to the beat of his own drum. Oh! And what about the strong, silent type that you love to watch working with a jack hammer or scaling a tall building. I’ve dated all of them. Hahaha!…Yeah, really.

The love of my life loves me & his tractor

I went a bit overboard with photo images in this post because I realized how many different types of men there are out there, and there’s no way I could have typecast all of them. Today I was thinking about all the great guys out there that a woman could call the love of my life. What I realized is that a lot of these ruggedly intriguing, swaggering men aren’t the hearts-and-flowers kind of guys. And that’s okay.

My dream man....Bond....James Bond

Frankly, I’ve enjoyed the romantic gestures and attentiveness that a man gives in the early dating stages, while they’re trying to win your favor or seduce you. But the reality is that once you’re involved after a period of time, those efforts tend to drop by the wayside. And it’s not just men. We women also stop doing the things that made our guy feel appreciated. But that’s not what I want to talk about today.

My Mr. Right is strong, silent, and happy

My point is that not every man is the sensitive, romantic type who remembers Valentine’s Day or the anniversary of the day you met. But if he’s the kind of man who checks on you when you’re sick, calls to see if you want anything special from the store, gets out of bed to get you a glass of wine, or tells you to go out and have fun with your girlfriends while he stays home, then he’s a good guy.

The love of my life....well, he's different.

He may leave his dirty socks on the floor, forget to pick up the dry cleaning, and monopolize the remote control; but if he treats you with respect, kindness and consideration,then he’s a man worth calling the love of your life.

Do Love and Life Differently: He may not bring you flowers or remember important dates, but a good guy is worth so much more.

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