To Find True Love Choose to Love

“I believe love is primarily a choice and only sometimes a feeling. If you want to feel love, choose to love and be patient.”~Real Live Preacher

Help! I've fallen in love and I can't get out

The quote above speaks to me about our ability to make choices both in our lives and in love. But unlike choosing what you’re going to wear today or what kind of car you’re going to buy, to find true love takes patience.Like this Real Live Preacher, I also believe that love is a choice. I know that for some of you who take the phrase literally that you actually “fall in love”, you might recoil at the comment that you actually “choose to love”. Maybe “falling in love” comes from the experience of being deeply in love and then losing that love.

It does sort of feel as if you fell into a dark manhole without a ladder to get out.

But the phrase also implies that love is an accident or an uncontrollable fate.

Anyway, my point is that often when we’re convinced that we did find true love, the man we think is the one forever turns out not to be. Sometimes the disappointment and loss is so painful that we don’t recognize our own resistance to choose to love. Then we find ourselves expecting a man to prove himself and his love. We carry a preconceived, unconscious judgment that he will disappoint us like the others. And guess what: the energy of pain and judgment resonating from you ensures that you’ll either repel good men and/or attract men who are guaranteed to disappoint you.

Stay open to find true love is on his way

Look deeply inside yourself to see if you’re holding the energy of disappointment and distrust. If so, your ability to find true love will be greatly diminished.

Do Love and Life Differently: There are never any guarantees that even true love will last forever, so why not make a conscious choice to love without fear regardless of the outcome.

Have any of you had a heart-breaking relationship that has made you distrustful? Please comment below.

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