Using Law of Attraction to Get A Man

The love of my life is a man I can trust

Most everyone has heard about the Law of Attraction since the movie The Secret became a global phenomenon a few years ago.

Some people were disappointed that a significant part of the process of attraction wasn’t clearly represented in the movie.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the law, the premise is that thoughts have an energy which attracts whatever it is the person is thinking about. In order to control this energy to one’s advantage, proponents say that

people must practice four things:

• Be very clear about and know exactly what you want

• Ask the universe or God for it

• Feel and behave as if you already have what you want

• Be ready to receive it and let go of the outcome

This practice sounds fairly simple but needs a little more explanation to apply it to how to get a man. Below I’ll try to clarify the above steps to hopefully illuminate how this process actually works. I know from personal experience and from others that it works if you can control your thoughts and emotions.

Knowing what you want is easy when it’s a tangible item like a house or car, since you can see and touch it and can easily visualize it. When it’s intangible, such as wanting to get a man who complements your life, it becomes more challenging–but can be done.

Asking for it is also relatively simple. You can do affirmations, write out goals, or pray for what you want

Feeling and acting if it already exists is not as easy and often challenging for many people. Yet it is the most important part of the process that actually gathers your energy and creates the magnetic attraction. Repetitive affirmations alone don’t create the collection of thoughts and energy to draw to you what you want.

You must literally feel inside your body (not in your head) the emotions you would have if you already had what you were asking for. For example, in your desire to get a man, you would actually not only visualize him, but also feel what his presence, his touch, smell, and voice would be like. You would feel the way you would when he walks in the door, snuggles with you, communicates with you, and interacts with you in day-to-day activities with him. It’s critical that you experience and feel all the emotions of your life together with this man. This is how your energy creates the powerful magnetism that resonates with your dream man’s energy, which matches with yours.

Being ready to receive and letting go of outcome means allowing it to happen but not forcing it. If you have resistance of any kind (conscious or unconscious) to having the man in your life, the process doesn’t work. You either won’t attract the right man or you won’t know it’s him if he does show up. Being honest with yourself about any resistance or any expectations that a man will fix your life is important to healing that part of yourself.

Healing doesn’t have to be years in therapy or beating yourself up about your problem; but just becoming aware of it and changing your mental and emotional picture to a more positive perspective of the man in your life. For example, if you know you don’t trust men, don’t expect the men you meet to understand this and put up with your insecurity. That doesn’t ever work! You need to create a new vision in your mind, along with the feelings, of a man you can trust completely. Then continually remind yourself and hold that feeling and vision as often as possible. In other words, you’re going to retrain your mind and body to know what it feels like to have a man you can trust.

Then let go of negative thoughts and assume positive expectations for this man to show up. Be open to his being packaged in a different way than you imagined.

Do Love and Life Differently: When you retrain your mind and body to have positive expectations, it’s likely that your entire perception of who your man should be will change.

Please share any personal experiences with the law of attraction below.

One Response to “Using Law of Attraction to Get A Man”

  1. Priscilla Fox Says:
    February 5th, 2011 at 11:44 pm

    Hi Deb, love these tips and I agree totally re the ‘trust’ thing. If you keep acting or even just thinking that you won’t trust the same way (as you used to) you could attract someone who may think/feel the same way about you, which could generate and perpetuate mis-trust on both sides. This is challenging but worth the effort to re-adjust your thinking/feeling on this alone. I am now in that space and it is so liberating to ‘feel’ that I can trust my man completely as he can with me! x

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