by Deb Garraway
December 15, 2010

Using Law of Attraction to Get A Man

The love of my life is a man I can trust

Most everyone has heard about the Law of Attraction since the movie The Secret became a global phenomenon a few years ago.

Some people were disappointed that a significant part of the process of attraction wasn’t clearly represented in the movie.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the law, the premise is that thoughts have an energy which attracts whatever it is the person is thinking about. In order to control this energy to one’s advantage, proponents say that

people must practice four things:

• Be very clear about and know exactly what you want

• Ask the universe or God for it (more…)

by Deb Garraway
November 17, 2010

Could the Love of My Life Be Different Than I Expect?

Yes, really, you're the love of my life.

Absolutely! In fact, most of the women I’ve known who’ve found their “love of my life” have said he was nothing like they had imagined, including my own.

The difference was either his appearance, his type of work, his lifestyle, socio-economic level, his personality, or even his values. The most interesting difference I’ve heard about is in a recent article in Oprah Magazine called “The One”. The author, Allison Cooper, shares her poignant story of finding the man of her dreams who, as it turns out, used to be a woman. While Cooper and her man don’t consider themselves gay, she reveals the difficulty in explaining to family and friends how she could fall in love with a former woman who transformed herself into a man. No one was more surprised than Cooper herself. Read more (more…)

by Deb Garraway
November 4, 2010

Fear of Success in Finding Mr. Right

If I find Mr. Right, it may turn out wrong

Are you fairly confident in your overall personal package – looks, financially stable, no baggage

– but when it comes to finding Mr. Right, you get feelings of pressure around sustaining a good relationship once you’ve found it? Perhaps you’re a high achiever and worry that you won’t be able to meet potentially higher expectations from your dream man or for your relationship. Could it be you’re afraid of commitment? Or, is it possible you have a fear of being “found out?” What I mean by that is the fear that Mr. Right won’t think you’re all that special once he gets to know you well. (more…)

by Deb Garraway
October 29, 2010

How to Get a Guy From Bad Breakups

Often you've got to kiss a lot of candidates to get a guy who's right for you

It’s true. We usually do get better from the lessons we learn in how to get a guy who’s right for us long term.

I prefer not to think of my past numerous relationships as mistakes. As this article from “Love Lessons from Bad Breakups” points out, not only does our judgment improve in men, but we learn more about what we want and have to offer to a relationship. Prior to making the commitment to get married, the 34-year old author of this article decided to schedule dates with four of her previous boyfriends starting from her teens. Read

During the relationship with each of these guys, she felt their relationship would last forever and couldn’t imagine living without them. (more…)

by Deb Garraway
October 14, 2010

Maybe It Isn’t About Mr. Right At All

Could I be resisting my Mr. Right?

So many people say all the good men are taken that lots of women have come to believe there is no Mr. Right for them.

Then they can go on to bash all the men they manage to date who fail their standards. Which of course becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. If this resonates with you at all, I have a radical idea for you. What if you flipped your mind around and allowed the possibility that there ARE plenty of good men still out there. And further—what if you considered whether or not the problem could lie with you. (more…)

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