How to Get a Man Like Buying a Car

Lucky me...way to buy a car AND get a man!

Being in the midst of looking for a car online, I started thinking about the similarity in the process of how to get a man through online matchmaking services.

Online dating wasn’t as widely used sixteen years ago when I was “on the market”, but the comparison with my car search gave me a real sense of how overwhelming the process can be today. There are a gazillion brands and models of cars with a multitude of options and price tags. I know my price range, so that makes it a bit easier, but not much.

The sorting process is confusing and distressing with so many factors to consider, especially if it’s a used car. Even though you might like the brand, model, and age of the car, you really don’t know for sure how comfortable it’s going to be on a long drive,if there are any hidden defects, or if it’s going to cost you too much in the long run with ongoing problems. Sounds like a man search to me!

Dating is sort of like test driving a car. You really should take it on a variety of thoroughfares, including the freeway, to see how well it maneuvers on local streets and handles the bumpy roads in high-speed traffic. It can be a gorgeous car that you absolutely fall in love with on first sight; but regardless of whether the person or firm selling the car has been referred by a trusted friend, you need to have the car checked out by a professional. However, you’re still never sure how well the car is going to work out until you’ve had it for a while and have seen how it functions under different conditions.

SIMILAR TO MEETING A MAN, it’s wise to spend time testing him out in a variety of situations to see how well he handles himself and if he meets your standards. He can be exceptionally attractive and sexy and at first may appear to be the ONE. Unlike cars, there aren’t professional services specifically designed to check under the hood of the men you’re dating to evaluate their performance, defects, and potential long-term problems. Wouldn’t that be a great service! However, you can do your own Google search and background checks online to at least rule out a criminal record and perhaps confirm certain information he’s given you about himself.

My suggestion, whether it’s how to buy a car or how to get a man, is to narrow your search down by defining clearly your needs, desires, and expectations. My Online Story Creator is specifically designed to help you narrow your search and avoid wasting time on a man who’s not going to work out for the long haul.

Do Love and Life Differently: Beyond just the physical appearance, sex appeal, and superficial qualities, get clear about your priorities, needs, and how you want to function and feel long term – with the car or the man.

What’s your experience been with online dating. Please share below.

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