Self-Power Tools for How to Find My Soulmate

Do I find my soulmate by connecting with his soul?

From time to time I’ll be writing about self-power tools and ideas to increase your personal power in dating and partnering.

After lots of dating a variety of men and finally settling down with the love of my life, I’ve learned a great deal about my own personal power. I call it self-power since it draws attention to the fact that we can access our own internal power rather than looking for someone on the outside to empower us, including a man.

My preference is to call him my dream man, but many women want to know the answer to the question: how do I find my soulmate? I recently read that the majority of both single men and women want to find their soulmate. Most of us want that special someone with whom we form a special bond, the closeness, touching, and knowledge that someone is there for us and cares for us through thick and thin forever. Being deeply loved by someone seems to give us a sense of belonging, connection, and for some, security, higher self-esteem or a foundation from which to grow personally and together.

What Does Your Soul Want?

When I’m coaching clients and I’m asked how do I find my soulmate, my first approach is to ask probing questions to find out what their soul needs and wants. When they start with their list of must-haves, I dig deeper to get to the heart of what they’re really asking for and the reasons why that’s important to them. Doesn’t it make sense to know the answers to those questions if you want to connect with a man on a soul or spirit level?

In my opinion, it’s not possible to get to your core needs and desires with a simple list of what you want in a man. Besides, the list usually doesn’t include how you and your soulmate will interact in your day-to-day life together. After the passionate sizzle settles down, both partners begin to look at each other differently than during the initial phase of their relationship. Some of those exciting and romantic things you did in the beginning don’t happen anymore, and the routine of work and life seem to dominate conversations. In other words, reality sets in, and those needs that were suppressed by the elation of romance, suddenly rear up demanding to be satisfied.
This is the reason I designed the Online Story Creator to help you access those emotional needs and desires that can make the difference in finding a true soulmate and how lasting your partnership will be.

Do Love and Life Differently: Get to the heart of what you want in your soulmate so that you can attract a man whose spirit connects with yours in a genuine and lasting way

Do you believe in soulmates? Have you ever met someone you thought might be yours? I’d love to hear from you below.

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