Will the Love of My Life Please Sign Here

He's the love of my life...but marriage is a contract.

Some of you may be asking why should I be thinking about prenuptial agreements when I still need to find the love of my life.

This recent article titled “Prenups 101: More Couples Sign Agreements Before They Say I Do,” appearing on ABC News website, is good information for planning ahead. Read more www.budurl.com/Prenups101
You’d be surprised how your feelings and expectations around this topic can affect your attitude while dating. It’s one of those topics that’s often suppressed as a low priority until you actually meet someone and plan to tie the knot.

However, your attitude about what’s yours is yours and his is his –or not—plays a key part in how you think and behave while dating or in a relationship. Here are a few examples:

If you have a high-paying job, a substantial savings account, and are very security conscious, you may have your tentacles up around men potentially trying to take advantage of you.
In the above case, you’d likely be concerned about the amount of debt a man has accumulated and what your liability might become in marriage or even moving in together.

You may want to quit your job to raise a family after marriage and want to be certain that in the event of divorce, you’re not penalized for not bringing in an income; also that the costs of child-rearing are shared equitably.

While it’s not very romantic to think about taking precautions for the potential of divorce, as the article states, marriage is a contract. The 50% divorce rate makes it a logical step before going down the aisle.

Back to how the above concerns impact your dating experience, doesn’t it make sense to ask questions and closely observe the man you tell yourself could be the love of my life? It’s so easy to allow romance, good looks, and superficial perceptions about a man override topics that are important to you.

Do Love and Life Differently: It’s best to face reality and get clarification of what matters to you up front, before you get carried away in the fantasy that love will conquer all.

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